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    Something Different EX GT3 Ferrari

  2. nz05gt

    GT4 rebuilt

    After a big hit we have finally rebuilt our GT4 ready for Racing again Thanks to Tim Brown for all the help with supplying factory parts and Multimatic Racing for all the help with air freighting and supplying GT4 specific parts ASAP
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    wanted 2011 Shelby GT350

    Hi I am after a 2011 Shelby GT350 with the 525 hp package may consider 625 hp. anyone have or know of one for sale please let me know. Cheers Neil
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    Why are dealers such a rip off

    Chip/DBK if you think this is inapropriate please delete. I can't understand how you can make a deal with a salesman [can't deal direct with manager] and then they will come back and say that the sales manager or owner says he can get more or wants more Is this how the US dealers actualy work or...
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    WANTED Boss Leguna Seca

    Hi Guys I am looking for a Black Boss Leguna Seca for under 60k prefer 55k If any one knows of any that aren't 60k plus could you let me know. I want it to go with a new Boss 302S when its built Thanks in advance for any help you can give me cheers Neil NZ05GT
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    Need help in roseville sacremento

    Hi Can anybody help me out. I am looking to buy a new Boss 302 from Future Ford in roseville Sacremento I would like to confirm the deal but I would appreciate if somebody could look it over to make sure it is what they say it is. I am still in New Zealand so any help from the forum would be...
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    Wanted BBS front and rear wheels

    Does anyone have any option BBS front or rear wheels they want to sell,they will be used for racing so slight damage [curbed/scratched etc]should not be an issue. let me know if ayone has anything. Thanks Neil NZ05GT
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    A different look of a gt

    just got a preview of our GT that is going in a magazine. this is the only shot they gave me, just thought it was different Neil
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    First in class, second in series.

    Just thought I would let you Guys know how our final enduro race went. Qualified second to a GT3 cup porsche in the dry then 5 minites before the start the heavens opened from there till the end 4 hours later the rain never let up [Gt no like rain at 40 deg] aquaplaning at 150 mph is not fun.we...
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    4 hr Enduro winners

    Just to let you know we won the 1st roud off our enduro series in New Zealand, It was a 4 hr race Manfeild raceway won buy 16 seconds it was red flaged with 6 minutes to run because of a torrential down poor with 20 min to run. PS any one no a good valet :banana:cheers:willy Neil NZ05GT
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    gen 1 whipple wear

    Just pulled the front snout of my whipple and found this unusual wear to the drive coupling,it has done 3000 race miles
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    DBA @ 6500 rpm

    Does anyone know what the DBA is for a std GT @ 6500rpm, the reason I ask is that we have a race track noise restiction of 95 DBA, unless the car has a has a factory rating of above 95DBA I have to make the exhaust system keep below 95 DBA,I have already blown up 7 different exhaust systems...
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    Whipple supercharger parts

    Does anyone know if you can buy a rebuild kit ie front bearings for a gen 1 3.3 whipple, I emailed whipple but have had no reply,as I am in New Zealand I don't want to send it all the way back to the USA as we will be racing again in 4 front snout bearings are rumbling. Any help would...
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    GT after 12 hours racing

    Just thought you might like to see what the GT looks like after 12 hours racing
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    GT engine rebuild

    I have a spare engine that detonated a piston and need to rebuild it, but you cant buy the pistons without the conrods from ford and they are stupid money I would like to use std ford pistons as they are great but don't need the rods. can you buy the pistons from mahle any sugestions would be...
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    12 hr enduro winners

    We just won the Hampton Downs open class 12 hour enduro race :willy:cheers Thanks to Tim Brown @ Brown Bro's FORD for parts and support Thanks to Matech racing for the aero Kit Torrie for tune base tune John Coyle AKA Gimball for his engine and SCT Tunner etc The GT forum for being such a...
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    Something a little different

    Just thought you might like to see something different on a GT NZ05GT
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    Just of the dyno

    Torrie I have just finished on the dyno GT made 600 rwtq @ 3000 rpm 695 rwtq @ 5349rpm and 779 rwhp @ 6700 rpm 11.0 AFR from 2000 rpm to 7000 rpm.air temp was 88 deg f Dynopack dyno :banana:cheers thanks for all your help Torrie will do a cold tune check in the morning and and log the intake...
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    fault code p0463

    Does anyone know if the fuel gauge circut be turned of like the rear o2 sensors with a diablo tuner. the reason I ask is our race car does not run the std fuel tank it has a 120 litre race tank,and this brings this p0463 code up every time I start the engine,if I clear the code it will not...
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    some carbon fibre in the post

    Look what I just got in the mail today many thanks to Matech Concepts, super light weight, great quality can't weight to try them out :willy:banana:cheers:thumbsup Neil