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  1. V1perman

    A New Ford GT Acquisition....In Hindsight.

    Nice reflection Chip! Reading your words awakened many great memories I’ve experienced since purchasing my GT over 10 years ago. Every aspect of this great automobile is special... from its heritage to its head turning looks and performance, the GT never ceases to impress. However, what puts...
  2. V1perman

    Steve McQueen Mural in Wynwood

    Super cool Brian... I didn’t know about this, what street is it on? When I get back to Miami next month I want to go and take some pictures.
  3. V1perman

    Application for New GT's Coming in November???

    Wow! What a week it’s been. First, a great road trip to the GT Forum Event in Georgia, now this awesome news that we all may have a better chance of finally owning the ultimate super car of our dreams. Thanks Ford! Hoping all us Forum members get fantastic news when the decisions are...
  4. V1perman

    new GT in the Washington Post...

    Awesome article the man! :thumbsup
  5. V1perman

    Battery for 2006 gt

    I was having gauge problems and when I replaced my old battery with a fresh one last year all my gauges have been working great. Definitely always use a battery tender while storing your GT.
  6. V1perman

    Photos - Road Atlanta Rally (not R13 but it should be)

    You and me both...LOL... Thanks Kevin “Special K” for the treat :wink Fun times!
  7. V1perman

    Scarsdale Concours

    Super cool 😎 It was great hanging out with you! Please keep in touch, Dave
  8. V1perman

    Thank you Dave for Petit Le Mans

    Thanks...Dave, Chip, Bill and the whole GT Forum group, Wow!... What a great event.... 5 days of total Ford GT heaven. Being able to experience this with my son was the icing on the cake. I’m sure he will never forget the warm hospitality of everyone he met. As for me....I can’t wait to get...
  9. V1perman

    Petit Rally

    . . Thanks Bill. Awesome drive....great people and good times.... can’t ask for more.... GT is clean again :thumbsup and ready for a fun weekend!
  10. V1perman

    Petit Rally

    Are there any contingency plans for this drive since it looks like there will most likely be a tropical storm passing over Georgia on Thursday?
  11. V1perman

    2018 Petit Le Mans Ford GT Owner Hospitality REGISTRATION

    YES !! Thanks DBK, FORD and Chip for allowing us to be a part of all this GT excitement !! See ya next week.....
  12. V1perman

    Petit Rally

    AWESOME ! Thanks for putting this together.... can't wait !! Dave
  13. V1perman

    Petit Rally

    Bill, Please count me in.... Thanks, David
  14. V1perman

    Heffner Peformance

    Jason is great! He did a couple of TT Lambo’s for me and I have his pulley and tune on my 2005 FGT.... he’s always been accessible and easy to deal with.
  15. V1perman

    Vintage Ford GT40, Mustang, and Racing pics

    Awesome pictures Kevin.... thanks for sharing!
  16. V1perman

    2018 Petit Le Mans Ford GT Owner Hospitality REGISTRATION

    Hey Chip... Brooks and I will be needing a place to stay as well... Thanks, Dave
  17. V1perman

    2018 Petit Le Mans Ford GT Owner Hospitality REGISTRATION

    Just registered.... Driving my GT from Tennessee.... Can't wait to catch up with everyone from the Rally last year!
  18. V1perman


    Speed Demon, I will be arriving late Monday night so I'm definitely interested in your Photo shoot event on Tuesday. Please let me know any details I may need to know. Thanks, Dave
  19. V1perman

    Group Buy Opportunity: Pro-Tint Windshield Tear-Offs for Rally 12

    Please count me in for a 2 layer on my 05 GT Thanks, Dave