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  1. V1perman

    And now we wait...

    Good one Chris...... Now we really know what "Special K" really means :eek
  2. V1perman

    video tour of multimatic

    Totally inspiring video... What an awesome process, Hope to be there one day.... Thanks so much for posting this Video. Just another reason why the GT is so special !!
  3. V1perman

    And now we wait...

    Nicely worded K Man ! Lets hope by April we can go and celebrate at "Waffle House" :)
  4. V1perman

    Ford GT Application Deadline

    Great compilation of Videos. It was fun to make mine and definitely entertaining to view all the other ones. Thanks DBK for putting this together. Good Luck too all !!!
  5. V1perman

    New Ford GT application

    Nice job on the Video.... Definitely gets to the point.... :) Good luck.....
  6. V1perman

    Harley Cluxton takes delivery

    OMG.... Jaw Dropping Awesome !!!! Lucky Man....
  7. V1perman

    13th Annual Barrett-Jackson FGTF Dinner

    Chip, Please put me (Dave Ivler) down for 2. I finally got my schedule worked out and can't wait for this dinner and event to catch up with everyone. See you all next month..... Thanks
  8. V1perman

    Ford GT Application Deadline

    Thanks DBK and the Forum group in general for all the positive help and advice throughout this process. This past 30 days have been dominated by the GT application process.... Now we wait and pray for positive news from FORD....Good Luck to all... This could be the longest 90+ days of our lives...
  9. V1perman

    T-Minus 48hr Countdown

    Congrats !! Can't wait to see your delivery photos...
  10. V1perman

    Happy Thanksgiving

    To all my GT Forum Friends.... Happy Thanksgiving..... Have a great day with your family and friends! All the Best, Dave
  11. V1perman

    New GT painting

    Thanks for sharing.... Looks great and priced very fair, I think I may order one.
  12. V1perman

    Application Videos for New Ford GT

    Simon and Mollie.... Congrats on these Awesome videos. You guys are definitely talented. Good Luck!
  13. V1perman

    Carbon Series

    Roketman.... That's just Stunning! Hope to see it at the next GT event All the Best, Dave
  14. V1perman

    Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s Ford GT on youtube

    Thanks for sharing this video... I totally agree with Vaughn's take on the GT, I'm just praying Ford will give me the oppertunity to own one too..... :))))
  15. V1perman

    A nice thank you from Ford

    That's just Awesome! Congrats...
  16. V1perman

    A little more GT'ed today

    Me too.... I’m definitely in for those exhaust logos. Oh yeah, first I need to be awarded a GT allocation :))))) [emoji56][emoji56][emoji56] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. V1perman

    A little more GT'ed today

    Very nice Brian. [emoji106][emoji2532][emoji106][emoji2532] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. V1perman

    Application for New GT's Coming in November???

    Thanks DBK (Dave) for the clarification of the application process. I know I’m repeating what others have said but speaking for myself and probably most everyone else who frequents this forum the passion we have towards the GT is just over the top! Every time I see or think about this...
  19. V1perman

    Carbon Series

    Thanks DBK for the awesome pictures. This Carbon spec is just fantastic! My heart rate went through the roof after seeing this. While every GT is special, the folks at Ford definitely hit a grand slam with this one. Well... if Ford thinks I’m worthy of a NGT the carbon my be my first choice...
  20. V1perman

    K029 is almost done,

    Congrats Dave...nice meeting you and your wife in Atlanta. Can’t wait to see your delivery photos next month!