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  1. ByeEnzo

    Turn the dial to 11

    Spinal Tap fans will understand...
  2. ByeEnzo

    Interesting...if you own a Beemer i3

    For $10 you can buy the entire report....
  3. ByeEnzo


    I’ve been sucked into watching e Sports F1 during the pandemic. Just ran across results from an IMSA iRacing series. FGT’s running again with Tinknell and Westbrook! Man, I gotta get a simulator now!
  4. ByeEnzo

    Small hydraulic fluid leak from aero flap mechanism

    Does anyone know at what speed the front active aero flaps activate? I noticed a few drops of hydraulic fluid on garage floor yesterday. Coming from small weep hole under front pan of car. Removed pan (tons of screws and 6 push pin fasteners). Looks like the piston that activates flaps is...
  5. ByeEnzo

    Chip’s car in UTI TV advert And no, UTI is not a urinary tract infection 😂
  6. ByeEnzo

    Solid Gold FGT Model

    Not sure if this has been posted. If so I apologize. For the FGT aficionado that has everything.... Ed Sims...thus has you written all over it :wink Happy bidding!
  7. ByeEnzo

    Tire pressures for track

    Tried searching for specs. I’m planning on going to the track for some fun this weekend. Can’t remember if any rough numbers have been posted for starting tire pressure settings in the NFGT. I remember (maybe) some recs from Raj. Stormie said 35 psi hot gets greasy. Thanks in advance!
  8. ByeEnzo

    RIP Spirit

    Sadly, I got a phone call today from Fred's wife, Sherry. Fred (Spirit) passed away at home on hospice after a lengthy battle with cancer. A while back Fred broke his hip. One of his cows knocked him down, and being a tough guy, he continued working and walking on it! Ultimately he had his...
  9. ByeEnzo

    The Second '67 Heritage in the Lone Star State!

    What a wonderful day! Weather could have been warmer (86 yesterday, high of 44 today), but that's Texas. Frank ("The Prank") drove up to see the delivery. Otherwise I kept things low key so I could focus on learning the car. Steve Coates was my delivery specialist and a pleasure to work...
  10. ByeEnzo

    A Prank Well Played

    A year ago today I was minding my own business...Saturday night, relaxing on the couch....perhaps a couple of shots of tequila. I get a strange text from an unknown number. My original order window was from Feb to April of 2017. I remarked to my wife that it was quite odd that Ford concierge...
  11. ByeEnzo

    A Quick Trip up to the Great White North!

    The Mrs. and I flew up to Toronto last night. Anticipation building for visit today at Multimatic! I suspect J047 Is fully assembled, but hopefully I can lay first eyes on it in post production. Cold with light snow, but it's going to be a great day!
  12. ByeEnzo

    1969 427/390 Corvette Stingray

    Have this nice 69 big block up for sale. Car is very original except for a repaint in correct Cortez silver. Radio internals upgraded with iPod hookup. Pertronix pointless ignition. Runs like a rocket. AC, power windows, power steering. Fiber optics all work. Highly optioned car. I have...
  13. ByeEnzo

    My baby needs new diapers

    Anyone sell the two plastic/foam pads that clip onto the 05/06 belly pans. After 50k+ miles and 10+ oil changes, mine are pretty tatty. Hopefully they are sold separately from the pans! Torrie, Northwood?
  14. ByeEnzo

    GT3 incident at the Glen

    Hope and pray Jeff is OK. No run off and narrow track with tons of Armco.
  15. ByeEnzo

    2008 Porsche GT3RS

    Year: 2008 Make: Porsche Model: 911 Cont. Porsche Models: GT3RS Mileage: 16250 Color: Orange VIN: WP0AC299X8S792232 Price: $165000 Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing Location (Region): Texas Body Style: Coupe Transmission Type: Manual - 6 speed 2 or 4 Wheel Drive?: 2 Wheel Drive Engine...
  16. ByeEnzo

    Ford GT Operating Room Attire

    My daily OR attire includes a "helmet" to which my "space suit" is attached. The helmet has an electric ventilation fan on top. The setup provides for a sterile environment and protection when performing a hip or knee replacement. Standard stuff in my profession... except I'm probably the...
  17. ByeEnzo

    A Companion for my Ford GT…."The First Supercar"

    I traded one of my vintage V12 Ferrari's in a private deal for this iconic 2 seater. This car won best in show at Concorso Italiano in the early 2000's. It was best Lambo there 3 times. 4000 hr. restoration over 3.5 years. The restoration has held up well over the last decade. The paint is...
  18. ByeEnzo

    Torrie your PM box is full

    I need a set of rear pads (if they are different than the fronts) and a set of rear brake rotors, plus a fuel filter. Tried PM but your box is full.
  19. ByeEnzo

    Thinning the herd a bit.....two Trans Ams need new homes

    Liberating some inventory for new incoming toys...PRICE REDUCED on BOTH CARS 1. 70 1/2 Ram Air III Trans Am. Matching numbers, PHS documented, complete nut and bolt restoration in 2010 including engine rebuild. Super rare red interior with Polar white/ blue stripe body. Correct cowl tag...
  20. ByeEnzo

    2000 Caterham R500 Superlight $37500

    PRICE REDUCED Further TO $30,000. You can't get a Carerham chassis for this price! I'm trying to thin the herd…. I have owned this car (belovedly known as the "School Bus") for almost 8 years. I am the second owner. The car was built by Rocky Mountain Sportcars for a well heeled enthusiast...