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  1. GEE-TEE

    Ford GT Drive (Orange County)

    It was indeed a nice gathering of GTs.
  2. GEE-TEE

    Bubbling paint on calipers near bleeding screws

    Mine seem to be bad on the rears only so far but will consider having them redone in the future. What is G2?
  3. GEE-TEE

    Bubbling paint on calipers near bleeding screws

    Thank you. Unfortunately the last time the brake fluid was done was when the car went to Galpin for airbag recall. I wish it had been you. Thank you guys and like Vince said I'm not gonna worry about it too much and maybe another 10k miles ill consider repainting them and sprucing up the car...
  4. GEE-TEE

    Bubbling paint on calipers near bleeding screws

    Yesterday, I noticed for the first time after washing the car that the red paint was bubbling around the bleeding nuts of the red calipers. I'm so glad I didn't high pressure the wash or it would have peeled it right off. Has anyone had this?
  5. GEE-TEE

    Ford GT's Getting Flagged by CARB!

    This is really nuts:mad:. I had to deal with Referee and BAR and all that nonsense when I was registering the Cobra replica Backdraft a few years ago. It was a 6 month PITA. So far I have not had an issue and just recently did the smog and registration for my 06 GT. I also have pulley and tune...
  6. GEE-TEE

    Why do this?

  7. GEE-TEE

    Why do this?

    I got sick to my stomach when I saw that. I figured if its posted by a real car guy on Instagram, then it has to be legit. I hope its Fake News!
  8. GEE-TEE

    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    Thank you Kendall and Ryan for the TLC of my car as always. Both the fronts and rears work like a charm. 👍🏻👌🏻🙏🏻
  9. GEE-TEE

    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    The front ones you put on are perfect. Please save me a pair of rear ones as my car needs to come in for a check up soon.👌🏻💪🏻
  10. GEE-TEE

    Any NFGT Deliveries in Northern California?

    Congrats and please post pics
  11. GEE-TEE

    New Ford GT unveiling

    I agree with the concerns of discoloration of CF with UV rays. But lets really face it, these cars will not ever sit in the sun for long periods other than when being driven. So that should not be a big concern not to have this absolute beauty IMO. Joy to the ones who are selected and have the...
  12. GEE-TEE

    New GT 1:64 Scale with Ken Miles Heritage

    My daughter Bella bought me the coolest gift for my birthday. She went to see the movie with us and loved it. I wonder if they will actually consider offering this on the next round of NGTs as a Heritage option.
  13. GEE-TEE

    More air tunnel mesh covers?

    I'm in for a pair too Rich ;). Premature but Ill want them for sure.
  14. GEE-TEE

    2020 improvement?

    I saw these two articles and was curious what their plans are! A street version of MKII???
  15. GEE-TEE

    Fuel line Safety for 2005/2006

    Thank you Kendall. I received my clamps and to my own surprise was able to install them all bu myself!!! Thanks GTJoey for the heads up on this...
  16. GEE-TEE

    Got The Call

  17. GEE-TEE

    New Owner 2006 GT

    Congrats and great choice of color! ;) Enjoy and put some miles on her
  18. GEE-TEE

    Does Bumper Delete have the same exit hole as with bumper on?

    Mine was done by Cooltech about 10 years ago.
  19. GEE-TEE

    Fuel line Safety for 2005/2006

    Thank you Kendall. Just ordered 2. Hey can I use it as an excuse to come up and see you guys and have the Champ put them on for me??? ;)
  20. GEE-TEE

    2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition # 9

    Big congrats to you on the most beautiful car. Enjoy