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  1. SYCO GT

    This Time Tomorrow - Ford Films

    Just came across this old documentary. Found it interspersed with randomness at times, but some interesting historical tidbits for sure.
  2. SYCO GT

    Stripe Delete

    I know the stripeless cars are relatively less common, but seems 15 years later, the rumors and myths that are being spread around are getting more and more mythical with each passing year. Saw this on the internet. Never believe a statement that includes the phrase, "said to be one of..."...
  3. SYCO GT

    Petersen Museum - Virtual Tour

    Supercars, Off-Road and Porsche The 50-minute tour is split up into three tours: Supercars: A Century of Spectacle and Speed Extreme Conditions, supported by Land Rover Redefining Performance, supported by Porsche And around 21 minutes into the first section of the video, a Ford GT40 MkIII...
  4. SYCO GT

    Table Top Car Show of Ford GT's on the Ford Performance Website

    A sampling of my humble little collection of a variety of interesting Ford GT's made the Ford Performance website a few weeks ago, I just stumbled across it today. Click on the website link below:
  5. SYCO GT

    When would you send a set of tires back from the dealer?

    I asked my supplier if he could determine how old the tires were before he orders them. He said that he just orders by SKU and there is no information on age in the databases that he sees. He said we just have to see what comes when we order (I don't know if that implies a return, or under...
  6. SYCO GT

    Does this make my rear end look wide?

    Feel free to share some of your fun or unique or favorite Ford GT collectibles, tributes, or memorabilia. BTW, does this mask make my ass look fat? If so, that's a good thing!
  7. SYCO GT

    Ford Bronco Debuts on July 13, 2020 - Some teasers drifting in early Excited about tomorrow!
  8. SYCO GT

    Thanks FORD for stepping up in this time of need!
  9. SYCO GT

    US Marshalls classic car seizure. Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am will hit the auction block! One of my all time favorite cars! Somebody get this one... [apologies for mispelling Marshals in the thread title]
  10. SYCO GT

    Background Story on Ford GT Chassis GT/108, Roadster
  11. SYCO GT

    Beautiful. Ford surprises father who sold his Mustang to pay wife's cancer bills
  12. SYCO GT

    Thanks Ford for sponsoring High School Sports!

    My son made it to the Southern Section CIF State Swim Finals for an individual event and a couple team relay events. Didn't expect to see this, but just wanted to say how nice it was to see Blue Oval Banners all over the meet. Nice to see the So Cal Dealers and Ford supporting the youth...
  13. SYCO GT

    Happy Birthday to Me! Found an interesting Ford Product and Brought Her Home...

    Woohoo! Nothing like a big birthday to create a sense of self fulfillment. Always been around these, in some form, over the years (mostly good), and decided it might be a fun cruiser. Plus, the 500A Equipment Group Package adds some nice and unique features. No need to adjust to a new...
  14. SYCO GT

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Well, I'm sure most everyone would agree, that there is certainly nothing ugly about any Ford GT, so, the thread title, although a classic western reference, simply is not a perfect fit. Loving the variety of color choices and options on the NFGT, the personal style and flavor really comes...
  15. SYCO GT

    NFGTITIS - When you've chronically thought about the NFGT for extended periods

    Wow. It was fun seeing the various Ford GT's running across the Scottsdale Barrett Jackson auction block. Sure would have been fun to be there along with the Forum brothers and sisters. So, this product pops up in my social media feed, and my immediate thought is that it's some new kind of...
  16. SYCO GT

    Ford GT back up camera install and photos

    Been wanting to install a rear view back up camera in the 2006 Ford GT for a while now. Found parts online and had my aerospace engineer and longtime friend Scott install. We looked at various mounting possibilities and decided to go for the passenger side, above the diffuser. He crafted a...
  17. SYCO GT

    Nicely done Lincoln. This is a sure hit in the luxury space.

    Love what Lincoln is doing lately. Have been following the new Navigator, and impressed also with the new Aviator, and now this limited edition Continental.
  18. SYCO GT

    Civil Disobedience

    The only available parking...
  19. SYCO GT

    When you get knocked down, get up again. SYCO GT'S NFGT APPLICATION VIDEO

    It was the last week of July 2016. Three weeks earlier, my son had fractured his wrist rollerblading with us. I saw the tears well up in his eye when the attending emergency physician said, "Uh, I think it's safe to say that he won't be competing at the Junior Olympics based on what I am...
  20. SYCO GT

    LA Auto Show Debut of the Ford Ranger and kitted out versions

    Still a bit bummed that the Ranger Raptor version is not yet coming to the US. But, some nicely kitted Rangers at the LA Auto Show.