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  1. GTdrummer

    2018 GT For Sale

    The absolute pinnacle of my car buying history was being lucky enough to be chosen for a NFGT. I have had it 2 plus years which has nicely timed to my coming retirement. The car has 1850 miles and service is up to date by Sheehy Ford of Maryland. (Courtney). The car is silver with lightening...
  2. GTdrummer

    Just replaced my wife’s Audi Q8 for 21 RS Q8

    So last year I bought my wife a 20 Q8 Prestiage. After she kept bugging me about lack of HP (anyone buying this so far?) I spent the last 3 weeks searching for an RS. Finally found one in port not preordered and bought it. At almost 600 HP I guess it’s the baby Urus. Haven’t driven it much, but...
  3. GTdrummer

    Coolant leak, GT tech and Milliken

    As previously posted, I had a coolant leak at the left rear of my 18–pretty heavy leak so be mindful. Milliken’s tech basically called it by my description—hose, etc. My tech, Courtney from Sheehy Ford worked with the Milliken tech and long story short the car is back. Anyone in the mid Atlantic...
  4. GTdrummer

    2018–Coolant leak

    Anyone else had a coolant leak on a NGT? If so, cause? Thanks
  5. GTdrummer

    I’m a Chevy guy

    Lol. Every gen of Vette I tend to buy the first year and usually keep it a year. Here is my car sitting at Kerbeck. Nothing special—a 2LT without many options.
  6. GTdrummer

    Griot’s catalog

    Probably seen by many already but current catalog cover.
  7. GTdrummer

    Ultimately where will NGTS land?

    It’s a poor comparison but I recall after 2006 the GTs that I lusted after remained in smallish part in dealerships and were in the high 180s. Then several years laters crept over 200 then well over 200. Lately they have ebbed a bit. So, while you would have to tear my NGT out of my hands, I...
  8. GTdrummer

    Best place to buy Castrol oil for NGT

    What is the current view on the best place to buy NGT oil? Thanks
  9. GTdrummer

    Marble wrap floors

    So this is not new technology but I just replaced my garage floor with marble epoxy wrap (not sure why it’s called wrap). It’s similar to what I have in my other garage but instead of epoxy flakes they mix colors of your choice to create , however accidentally a mosaic on the floor. So far...
  10. GTdrummer

    Ordered a C8 tonight

    Nothing else to report.
  11. GTdrummer

    Ordered a C8 tonight

    Nothing else to report.
  12. GTdrummer

    Anyone with opinions on Hefner Exhausts?

    I initially had no intention to do any mods on my NFGT. IMO, you cannot improve on the looks or most anything else. While the exhaust note is certainly satisfactory, I’ve been thinking about the Heffner exhausts. Anyone have opinions on these exhausts—sound/looks? Thanks
  13. GTdrummer

    Help an idiot —wing deployment

    I went through the vehicle settings and I’ll be damned if I can find out how to raise the wing (besides being in Track mode) . Thanks
  14. GTdrummer

    Reaction to Pista vs NFGT

    So I’ve been traveling a lot and decided to go to a couple of car shows. Why not—its 110 degrees on asphalt parking lots. First I travel 65 miles to Mr Jefferson’s (can I even say that anymore?) Charlottesville campus in the Pista, a car I may love more than life itself. It got scant attention...
  15. GTdrummer

    Another Pista owner

    The car arrived today. Traded my 488 for it. Not much to tell after 10 miles , but it sure seems like fun. Not to pander to the group but as good as I think it looks the overall design can’t compete with the NGT .
  16. GTdrummer

    Mr. Pagani has good taste

    A friend toured the Pagani plant this week. He saw Pagani himself drive this home from work.
  17. GTdrummer

    Today’s lesson— your car is wide and why clear film is not an option

    In my last lesson, you may recall I warned against shutting the rear glass hatch by putting your hands anywhere but over the clasp. I had my hand too far north of it and watched my rear glass shatter in a million pieces . Pretty exciting, but I don’t recommend it. Today, it is a reminder that...
  18. GTdrummer

    Anyone here buying a C8?

    For no particular reason I tend to buy first year new versions of Corvettes—did with C 6 and 7. Was going to pass this time , but the mid engine might be fun. From what little I’ve seen, however, the design is not great IMO. Anyone here ordered one?
  19. GTdrummer

    How much impact will Barrett-Jackson have on the market?

    If this has been discussed feel free to remove. I do not follow auctions much and think they not the right place to at least sell a car, but I don't remember seeing this many 05/06s at BJ. By my count there are five 05/06s including a GTX-1. There are 3 Heritages not including the 19. (there...
  20. GTdrummer

    DIY oil change night with new GT—not really .

    What you need to change your oil on the NFGT: First, horrifically expensive oil/filter. But, I’m a sucker for anything with the GT logo, so I’ll buy more. Logo needs to be added to filter. (And tires). Next, a last minute call to your local master mechanic when you feel a panic attack coming...