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  1. Specracer

    New Owners: Insure Axle Bolt Upgrade has been Performed!

    Only if somehow the axle whipped, and bound somehow, which did not happen to me. When mine fell off, it was at 50-60 mph, the axe dropped and rotated harmlessly. After, it happened, I actually reached in and reattached it to the transaxle output shaft so it no longer was hanging (note the botls...
  2. Specracer

    New Owners: Insure Axle Bolt Upgrade has been Performed!

    No, the inboard CV joint slides off the splined output shaft of the transmission. The wheel, and axle are still attached to the car, however the axle will still be spinning at wheel speed (what ever that might be)
  3. Specracer

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    That Mopar looks like a mixed up Rubik's Cube. Terrible
  4. Specracer

    New Owner- Miami,Fl

    Welcome! Enjoy the car!
  5. Specracer

    **SOLD** 2005 Black/Silver Stripe 1700mi For Sale by Original Owner

    Lovely car! Still got the blue on the sills, that wont be fun to get off. Really a nice car.
  6. Specracer

    Turn the dial to 11

    Makes me want to start ripping panels out of the street car to expose the shocks (yes I know the MKII's are different). Thanks for posting those pix!
  7. Specracer

    Turn the dial to 11

    WOW, thats sooooo cool!!!! Congrats and ENJOY!
  8. Specracer

    air conditioning compresser

    Welcome to the forum.
  9. Specracer

    Trailer Modifications for NFGT

    Very interesting idea with the laser. Is that permanently mounted?
  10. Specracer

    Something Different EX GT3 Ferrari

    That looks like a lot of fun! Enzo is relieved, its not a Ford block (ha)
  11. Specracer

    Something Different EX GT3 Ferrari

    So you put an LS into a Ferrari (the car roof color changed from red to black, so not sure if the same car)?
  12. Specracer

    New Owner - greetings from Marblehead, OHIO!

    Welcome! The fun has just begun! 15 years later, car still put a smile on my face!
  13. Specracer

    2020 performance difference

    Yup, called the MkII!
  14. Specracer

    Favorite Interior Mod

    Nice work
  15. Specracer

    L131's Big Debut

    Enjoy buddy!
  16. Specracer

    Favorite Interior Mod

    How did you remove the soft touch coating (I assume you did, for your surface prep prior to paint)?
  17. Specracer

    Replacing Turn Signal Lamp in Left (Driver Side) Front Headlight Assembly

    On this topic, be sure to change the lamp. Don't do what I did, got lamp out, cleaned it, used dielectric grease, then reinstalled the original lamp. Tested it several times, all good. Put everything back, it became intermittent, a week or 2 later. Back in, changed lamp, been solid since.
  18. Specracer

    Dead battery

    Second key? Change the battery in the fob?
  19. Specracer

    Camilo Pardo "Cars and Coffee"

    Camillo style, a CnC that starts at 10.... Surprised its that early.
  20. Specracer

    center lock wheels for the new GT

    @Ed Sims That your car?