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    piloti shoes for less than $30 a pair

    Hey Mike.... you know what they say, big feet = big heart!! :-) This is the second time this outfit offered Piloti's, they have great deals on lots of stuff, especially if your into the outdoors....
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    Shadowman and his "Hot Buttons"

    The buttons are the perfect touch, Andrew and Shadowman's touch has impacted many of us in such a postive way!! Thanks gents!!
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    GT owner profiled for sounds other than exhaust

    Very sweet set up. Anyone notice the red dots are still on the FGT's tires. Atomic GT found a special ink stick for those folks that wish to maintain that new look.
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    2006 Tungsten Ford GT - modifying

    The Forex issue of course comes into play. Obviously availability and with any previously owned machine the actual condition. Don't want to hijack a great build thread... :-) Want to see those new valve covers yesterday!! :=)
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    Robertson Racing Rocks

    As I wrote, I share Kyle's views. Enough said :)
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    Happy B-Day ChipBeck !!

    Have a great one Chip.... indeed, Happy Birthday!
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    2006 Tungsten Ford GT - modifying

    Rules have changed and now USA cars can travel north:biggrin
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    Robertson Racing Rocks

    I agree with Kyle....
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    2006 Tungsten Ford GT - modifying

    Following your posts very closely. Love those valve covers and waiting for more.... :-)
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    2006 Tungsten Ford GT - modifying

    Wonderful thread, very informative.... keep it up! :-)
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    Was Chevrolet trying to copy the GT40 back in 1968

    The USA test market for cell phones was Chicago, I had one in 1978, it had two antennas mounted on top of the trunk, and a box inside the trunk the size of a small suitcase. Every call over a minute was dropped three times or more.
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    New owner/board member

    Welcome and enjoy this bar.... Glad your on board.
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    Happy B-Day Ole Blu !!

    A very happy b-day and many more!! :)
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    I Got Jealous....

    Glad you got out for a ride, thanks for sharing the journey with us :-)
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    Extreme GT at PB SC Weekend

    shameful exhibition of speed on public roads.... tisk-tisk :-(
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    Smile for the camera

    time we get our men and women some new grip... didn't know we were still flying 29's.... but admit that bare ass will frighten off most adversaries... :-)
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    FS or tarde original Ford GT 40 key chain and 24 hours of LeMans posters

    sonofa gun said he was a GT lover... and I let him in the bar.... oh well... sorry, anybody want a key chain, send me a pm, I am his new agent :-) I sincerely apologize for opening the gate...
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    Driver door hanging low?

    Welcome to the board... enjoy this place... seems like something is very wrong with your door.... never heard of that issue before.
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    Current GT pricing

    wise move Mr. Ice!! :-)