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    Claiming Longest trip

    Haha.... for sure I’m out on a technicality..(bit maybe I should’ve mentioned I had the gt in the trailer behind me.)
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    Claiming Longest trip

    So.....I have made that Scottsdale trip many times in my blown Raptor. Best time to date was a few days pre-border closure with 22 hrs of seat time however I think I spent 22 hrs at the Flying J’s as well.
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    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Looks somewhat familiar..... I whittled these up last year (cell ph pic)
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    Camper for a Raptor

    Anyone have any experience travelling with a camper (pop-up or otherwise) in your Raptor? I’ve been tossing this idea around for several years now and have gone online to research it. Lots of promotional or funded/biased reviews. I realize the Raptor is not the ideal unit for this but for week...
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    First time driving My GT

    Work your way East someday Jesse and maybe we can meet half way and do a double/double in the Timmie’s parking lot at Golden! Your wife is a keeper......and so too is the car......enjoy!,
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    I tested POSITIVE for the Covid-19 Virus.. recovering.. 71st birthday today.

    Andy.... so glad to hear you are on the mend. it is truly surreal how fast times have changed.
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    what to protect before airbag replacement

    Tony is correct...... you should have two people to remove the lower portion as it is very narrow and subsequently quite weak in the steering column area. No rocket science involved..... just need a second hand to help support it while lifting it out of harms way. I didn’t tape anything off for...
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    Wiper inserts

    if you see my car doing 200+ in the car’s been stolen!
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    Wiper inserts

    Thought I’d pass this along. I was not willing to replace my entire stock blade assembly so I was able to replace just the wiper inserts on my ‘05 with “TRIDON AS-24T.” Although they are all black plastic and do not have the stainless sliders of the originals they fit perfectly. It’s...
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    Leather dash defroster vent removal...

    I’d be in for a set for the same reasons.
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    2017 at Middle East auction

    Sena NGT maybe?
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    Motorcraft 5W-50 full synthetic

    I have been using T6 oil in absolutely every vehicle I own right down to my forklifts. Most of them see relatively few miles annually due to our short driving season. Re your O2 sensor question......I’ve only had one intermittently send a code and that is on my old Yukon with 335k on it. its...
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    K250 is Alive and Well

    Now THAT’S a stunner. Nice combo Chris!
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    Newbie from Western Canada

    Enjoy your ride in good health....lots of ownership tech info and great friendships await you on this forum.
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    Amazing Rolling Shots Coming Back from Monterey...

    Spent 20 mins on Broadway looking at it it from every angle to watch the sun have its way with truly cannot do it justice. Simply gorgeous.
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    Carbon Series Watch

    I think Ron might be keeping this one on the DL Ed.........(risking certain “privileges”)
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    2019 Rally

    Canadian Rockies......jus say’n!
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    Happy Birthday to Me! Found an interesting Ford Product and Brought Her Home...

    I have a buddy who has been driving x-copper units for decades. He recently purchased another black Yukon. It’s like “the parting of the Red Sea” whenever he heads on down the highway....hilarious.
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    2005-06 Ford GT chassis group buy

    If I did that it would also be a sign.......a sign that I would soon be living alone!
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    13th Annual Barrett-Jackson FGTF Dinner

    Please put me down for 2....bringing my son gt this year though!