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  1. SYCO GT

    Newest Blipshift shirt is posted. GT40 & very cool!!

    Daniel responded and said that the shirt was in stock, but they misunderstood which shirt it was that I had called the Ken Miles Daytona '66 shirt. So, I clarified and this is his latest response below. Be sure and let them know if you'd like to see the #98 shirt come back into production...
  2. SYCO GT

    Newest Blipshift shirt is posted. GT40 & very cool!!

    I sent an inquiry to see if they are going to do another run of the Ken Miles Daytona #98 car. Nice poster style art.
  3. SYCO GT

    Stripe Delete

    I guess this book could use an update. "Before, Then, and Now" - The Sequel to Then and Now Here is the info to find the book. ISBN-13 : 978-1787111264 ISBN-10 : 1787111261 Product Dimensions : 10 x 0.88 x 10 inches Publisher : Veloce Publishing; Reprint Edition (October 17, 2017)
  4. SYCO GT

    Turn the dial to 11

    Saw the Ford vs. Ferrari red #1 movie car last weekend and thought of your gorgeous collection! Congrats AJ! Living the Life!
  5. SYCO GT

    This Time Tomorrow - Ford Films

    If I get your job, then maybe I could do it all day. ;)
  6. SYCO GT

    This Time Tomorrow - Ford Films

    Just came across this old documentary. Found it interspersed with randomness at times, but some interesting historical tidbits for sure.
  7. SYCO GT

    New Owner - greetings from Marblehead, OHIO!

    Congrats on your new car Dan! The standard wheels look flat in most photographs, but in person, they are quite nicely designed and a nice choice. I love the bends in the spokes that can be seen at various angles other than straight on.
  8. SYCO GT

    AutoMeter Gauges

    Dan, welcome to the Forum, congrats on the new ownership as well. What did the autometer gauges cost? I still have my OEM gauges. Just curious, as I know the time may come when I need to replace, and glad to hear there is a viable solution available.
  9. SYCO GT

    Stripe Delete

    I know the stripeless cars are relatively less common, but seems 15 years later, the rumors and myths that are being spread around are getting more and more mythical with each passing year. Saw this on the internet. Never believe a statement that includes the phrase, "said to be one of..."...
  10. SYCO GT

    What are the little black dots on the wheels?

    Just had new wheels shod and I removed the little balance black dots after I mounted the wheel and tire set.
  11. SYCO GT

    Table Top Car Show of Ford GT's on the Ford Performance Website

    Hope that you jammed one or two hotwheels into the newly rebuilt fireplace, for old times sake. You should read Edgar Allen Poe's short story, "The Black Cat" which shares a discovery within the tale. .
  12. SYCO GT

    Ford GT's Getting Flagged by CARB!

    Picked up this easy to use Foxwell unit, which has a one touch I/M Readiness feature and an easy to read display.
  13. SYCO GT

    Ford GT's Getting Flagged by CARB!

    A few days ago, I came near my due date, and couldn't get my last indicator ready (CAT). So I paid online. After another several days of stop and go driving under 45mph, I got the CAT light ready. I can agree that for me, the CAT section was the hardest to get ready. Yes, in So Cal you are...
  14. SYCO GT

    Petersen Museum - Virtual Tour

    Supercars, Off-Road and Porsche The 50-minute tour is split up into three tours: Supercars: A Century of Spectacle and Speed Extreme Conditions, supported by Land Rover Redefining Performance, supported by Porsche And around 21 minutes into the first section of the video, a Ford GT40 MkIII...
  15. SYCO GT

    Table Top Car Show of Ford GT's on the Ford Performance Website

    We used to literally play in our backyard, which was actually small gravel rocks over dirt. We'd make roads and homes, a small town for our scratched, scuffed, dented, and well-loved handful of hot wheel cars!
  16. SYCO GT

    New GT has arrived

    Perfect addition to the collection!
  17. SYCO GT

    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    Thank you Kenneth Clay for the interesting background and history on the Ferrari tribute car. One more photograph of the beauty.
  18. SYCO GT

    Table Top Car Show of Ford GT's on the Ford Performance Website

    I could definitely get used to the kinder, softer, Dr. Frank, offering the occasional, highly appreciated compliment!
  19. SYCO GT

    Table Top Car Show of Ford GT's on the Ford Performance Website

    Found it several years back in a small pawn shop in the pedestrian mall area in Riverside near the Mission Inn Hotel, a famous structure built in the 1920's. (Old school wooden charm as opposed to modern marble finishes).