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  1. twobjshelbys

    Shelby American Collection Museum Annual Fundraising Raffle: 2020 GT500

    I've been a frequent visitor and supporter of the Shelby American Collection museum in Boulder, CO for many years now. I attended their annual fundraiser party for many years. Unfortunately this year I wasn't going to be able to make it due to a conflict with the Roger Waters concert but...
  2. twobjshelbys

    No Limits: The Camilo Series Ford GTs

    I ran across this on IMDB. Anyone seen it yet? Produced by and starring Camilo and Rich Brooks!
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    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall
  4. twobjshelbys

    Used front splitter 5G7Z-17626-AAA

    Never mind. There are definite visible scuffs on the "top". Going to the dumpster.
  5. twobjshelbys

    Ford Racing Muffler M-5230-GT

    For sale M-5230-GT Ford Racing muffler - 2500 + shipping. Sold.
  6. twobjshelbys

    Helm, Inc / Ford Ford GT Service Manual on CD

    2005-2006 Ford GT service manual from Helm, Inc (Ford's publisher for such documents). This item is no longer available from Helm. It is an essential companion to your 2005-2006 Ford GT as Ford trained service technicians scatter to the winds. Easy to navigate with detailed descriptions of...
  7. twobjshelbys

    2005-2006 GT mods

    The car is bye-bye so I have these mods: M-7210-GT Short Throw Shifter + Exoticare shifter bezel, sleeve, polished ball and parking brake dressing. Sold M-7095-GT Transmission Cooler with hard lines Sold Accufab throttle body + air intake stiffener Sold Edit: The bundle didn't sell and some...
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    Forum issues 10/6/19

    Things are weird this morning. The basic forum topic index shows lots of subjects with new material, yet nothing shows up with them on the New Threads button. And opening those forum topic areas says "there are no threads in this forum". However, if I log out the content is visible. I...
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    Shelby American fundraiser 2019

  10. twobjshelbys

    Leno's coolest cars

    #20 NFGT
  11. twobjshelbys

    The 24 Most Beautiful Cars of All-Time

    Found this on the net today Notable entries include the GT40 MKII (pictured as 1075?), the Shelby Cobra, and... ... drum roll ... the 2018 Ford GT!!! Too many "new" generation cars for...
  12. twobjshelbys

    Stillen Diffusers

    Extra set of Stillen Diffusers for sale Hi all I ordered the Stillen diffusers and from all the descriptions it looked like they were singles and fit either side so I ordered two. It turns out that it is a pair so I have two full sets. Stillen would charge me a restocking fee and return...
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    Ford ups New Ford GT production to 1350 units

    It's open enrollment time! Starts 8-Nov!
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    Larry Miller collection at the Shelby American Collection
  15. twobjshelbys

    Bridgestone tires at Amazon?

    I just saw a blurb that Amazon and Sears are co-marketing tires, and on a lark, searched for the GT tires. It looks like they have them. Can anyone confirm if these are them? Front: 265/40/ZR18...
  16. twobjshelbys

    Top Gear 2018

    The new season started last night. They started off with a trip down V8 memory lane with a GT350R, Jag and McLaren. Including a "chase scene" with Ken Block in a 4-wheeler "cop car" as they try to outrun him with some shine on board. Block's 4-wheeler has a linear shifter! I wonder what his...
  17. twobjshelbys

    Passenger side Air Bag Recall available

    I just got the notice in the mail that the passenger side recall, 16S26, now shows PARTS AVAILABLE! This is NOT showing up in the Ford recall page yet though...
  18. twobjshelbys

    The Grand Tour Season 2

    The first episode was released last week and Amazon didn't even ping me! Episode 2 commercials showed Clarkson driving a 2017 GT in Episode 2.
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    Happy Birthday Fleetwood Mac

    Well, if we can still do Happy Birthday wishes, Fleetwood Mac is 50.
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    2017 Ford GT - Jay Leno's Garage

    Has the NGT area been hidden? Anyway, Jay Leno has his new GT, 1000 miles in a week! 36 minute Jay Leno's Garage on Youtube