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    Looking to buy a Whipple Gen II or a 4.0 Thanks Sal 860 614 9702
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    Gen II Whipple

    Hi does anyone have a Gen II for sale , or probably thinking about selling one in the near future .. Thanks Sal 860 614 9702 :thumbsup
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    contact info

    Does anyone know how to contact > Hanns (GTforever) any info would be appreciated
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    Heffner exhaust

    Looking to buy a slightly used Heffner exhaust for a bumper delete , if someone has one to sell, send me a PM Thanks
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    Shelby GT500 KR

    What would be a great price to pay for > New 08/09 Shelby KR , :cheers
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    Does anyone know if there is any differance in US GT vs Canadian, and what about value...
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    Coolant hose / clamp

    Has anyone experienced any coolant hoses coming of on there FGT, Someone told me that a few owners have upgraded all of there hose clamps from the stock factory ones...........
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    Goodyear Tires for sale

    Hi I will be selling my GY tires they have 2450 miles ,if anyone is interested give me a PM Thanks :thumbsup
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    Best tire for GT

    Which is the best tire/size to replace the stock GYs for street traction that will fit the factory wheels.. Thanks
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    Twin Turbo for Ford GT

    At this moment I'am just thinkinging about it , but I'am sure that before you know it I will probably do it. Whom would you recommend to do a TT on you'r FGT and why... (3.90s & Twin Turbo > Just thinking about !!) :eek Merry Christmas
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    GT factory charger

    Did everyone get a factory trickel charger with the car ? (I did not) I was wondering , if I call Ford would thay send me one...
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    Just picked up GT from Dyno shop

    I just wanted to share my HP upgrades, I just picked up my car from XX tunning here in CT , I had pulley / tune / exhaust , and before and after dyno runs Best run all stock was 530hp and 547 tq Best run with upgrades 636hp and 615 tq...... I went with Ford cat delete / Ford...
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    clear film protection

    1st, I would like to know what is a fair price to pay for the clear film to be install on the complete nose of the GT and lower rocker panels. 2nd, do most off you recomend doing this........... Thanks
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    Mafia yes or no

    Is a mafia needed with a pulley/tune/exhaust change, Yes or No... Thanks
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    Guys, is there a horsepower differance between a Mustang Dyno and a Dyno jet. Which will show more or less HP... Thanks
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    Best tire replacement from oem

    What would be the best tire on the market to replacement OEM , Tire brand and size.. Thanks
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    Need to remove light scratchs (need help)

    Desperate need of help. White/Blue GT I got caught in a rain shower a few nights ago . I never thought about wiping the car down when I got home (it was late) So I washed and wax the car the next morning (1st time I washed this car). While I was waxing I noticed water spots, so...
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    Accufab TB

    Doing a pulley/tune/exhaust upgrade, the question is , is it worth doing the Accufab Throttle body Thanks
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    FRPP vs STILLEN exhaust

    OK, It has come down to the wire , I have decided that I will go with either the Ford long tube headers & the Ford racing muffler OR the Stillen exhaust & the cat delete racing pipes. I need to decide in the next day or two.. So it all comes down to all of you guys out there, and thats how...
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    Pulley upgrade

    Does anyone know anything about the pulley from Steeda, is anyone using one for there Ford GT, and how does it compare to others... Also what size pulley is the most popular..... Thanks