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  1. Awsum GT

    Help! All I'm missing is the car cover bag ...

    I have an extra one I would sell.
  2. Awsum GT

    What's in your GT/Shelby Garage?

    Back in my Viper days...
  3. Awsum GT

    Could there one a successor to the GT?

    I think it needs wider rear tires
  4. Awsum GT

    2021 Heritage GT - Pat Milliken Ford

    Did I miss out on a jacket :(
  5. Awsum GT

    Claiming Longest trip

    Oops my bad typed weeks by mistake...
  6. Awsum GT

    Claiming Longest trip

    A few weeks ago I believe
  7. Awsum GT

    Rally 13 UPDATE.

    Another +1 Looking forward to getting back to some form of normal in 2021... Can’t wait to make another GT Forum Rally and reconnect with all our GT family! Stay healthy and stay safe!
  8. Awsum GT

    Surprise publication arrival!

    That would be very cool to own
  9. Awsum GT

    UPDATE Post 26 - Chance Motorsports Encounter Makes a New Friend

    Great story Chip... So nice of you to give the pup a new and much better life.
  10. Awsum GT

    Onboard GT mk II at Laguna Seca

    Great video... thanks for sharing... would love a ride along one of these days when we are both in Carmel and the Beast is there as well.
  11. Awsum GT

    My car was in an accident!

    Very cool...
  12. Awsum GT

    New posts

    I had the same issue while using the new post button above the posts... but when I select Forums and then select new posts just under the main header they all show up
  13. Awsum GT

    GT race cars sold?

    I’m not allowed to say what I paid but Mike Mosing will be my driver at Le Mans next year.;)
  14. Awsum GT

    Handling at the limit?

    Look forward to seeing it on the streets of Carmel neighbor :)
  15. Awsum GT

    Speedometer failure right after airbag recall. - Coincidence?

    I think I have 2 complete sets of unused OEM 05/06 Ford GT gauges... along with a large list of other 05/06 OEM parts... Working on pricing them now.
  16. Awsum GT

    Titanium Lug Nut Wrench

    Protect your nuts! I have that set but... they don’t protect the nut itelf... only the wheel. I place small pieces of plastic cut from ziplock bags over the nut and then use a manual lug wrench... works great and protects the titanium lug nuts
  17. Awsum GT

    I tested POSITIVE for the Covid-19 Virus.. recovering.. 71st birthday today.

    Andy, so glad you are improving. Prayers to you for a quick and full recovery. Glad you received good care from the health care professionals.
  18. Awsum GT

    The Legend of Larry Holt

    Great read. Enjoyed talking to Larry and Raj at Multimatic while visiting my GT on the floor there. He was more excited about the GT than I was... and I had an ear to ear smile the entire trip. He went on for almost an hour describing all the parts that together make the new GT before Raj...