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  1. Specracer

    2021 #98 Heritage Merch

    Can be "pre ordered" here: Damn, just when I thought I might be done with GT clothing (I have a LOT)
  2. Specracer

    Fox History lesson

    Here is a great article published in Hemmings. I really like the top notch concept. Not bad for 5 days after the Bicentennial of America. The door handles, the rear, exhaust, just cool and tidy (note, Im partial to foxbody Mustangs). Boy did they glaze over how close the Probe was to being the...
  3. Specracer

    2017+ Tunnel Screens FS

    As the title suggests, I have a set of the the GTG screens for sale. Not used for long. Only issue is the weather stripping has lost some stick. If in place no issue. Could stand to be freshened. Comes with screws, just not pictured. Reason for sale: sold the car (ha, just kidding...), I went a...
  4. Specracer

    GT350 / R "heritage"

    Nice looking whip! Wimbledon white with Guardsman Blue. Tributes to Ken Miles are so long overdue
  5. Specracer

    911, bringing back the manual

    For us idiots that actually enjoy a manual....
  6. Specracer

    Good luck cleaning these.....

    At least CF rotors have less dust??
  7. Specracer


    Not the car, Ayrton Senna, extremely hard for me to believe its been 25 years today he passed. More uplifting and downright enjoyable (note the shoes):
  8. Specracer

    NGT Engine Build

    Pretty cool video, if your impatient and dont want to see a 5.2l go together, and just want to see the GT engine, go to 8:30 And cool, that XenForo does the auto embedding....
  9. Specracer

    Gymkhana 10

    5 vehicles, 5 locations. As entertaining as always
  10. Specracer

    New for 2019? Or Just testing?

    Ryan Briscoe posted
  11. Specracer

    Amber Side Marker Mod

    The amber side markers have been bothering me. Has happened on other cars too. So I decided to get a spare set and paint them. Oh darn, this is not so simple..... there are directional indicators in these reflectors!! So had to be creative. Used some tail light tint paint 1st. Then followed up...
  12. Specracer

    NGT Oil Change

    Couple notes for those that are going to do it them selves. EDIT Brain cramp, per Stormcats response below, Remove the mid pan, with 36 different length T30 bolts. This pan can be removed by itself, with out taking off the rear diffuser. Make sure you have a 76mm 14 flute wrench for the...
  13. Specracer

    What have you learned about your NGT today??

    A thread like this about other cars has been helpful. Ill start. There is a radio antenna wire in the windshield, that is super fine. So fine, that at 1st sure looks like a crack. Feeew, its not, just the antenna. The drive selector wheel is motorized. If you either open the door, or turn off...
  14. Specracer

    FCA Viper Memorabilia Auction For United Way

    All you Viper guys likely know of this already, but came across this. Proceeds to benefit the United Way of SE Michigan. Article said there will be 1800 items, this might be just the beginning, no idea? My bank account is glad this isn't FGT stuff...
  15. Specracer

    DIY Door Panel Removal / Side Mirror Removal

    I asked a lot of people if they had taken off their mirrors to avoid a seam of clear film around their mirrors. No one I asked had done this yet. I wanted to avoid this if possible. Having now done this to both cars, I would say the new car is easier (there are no X-mas fasteners to wrestle...
  16. Specracer

    Can a NGT Fit in a "Normal" Trailer

    YES, but with a few requirements. In this case, the mirrors were off, for PPF, not sure how, or if, that will factor in. You better have a good spotter, there is just over an inch and a half or so each side. Next better make sure your arms, and your body are able to reach the clip down points...
  17. Specracer

    So Mr Nair Wasn't The Only Delivery on February 10th

    Hmmm what is that up the street?
  18. Specracer

    Who goes to Toronto in January?

    We do! Our flight home was cancelled, had to stay another night, missed going to the Patriots game, but totally worth it. As with others, no pics. There were 6 cars ready to ship. Saw a rainbow of colors, several PTS colors. 2 67 Heritage. We have now seen 2 examples of colors, and...
  19. Specracer

    Saleen S7 "LeMans"

    Press release today about the S7. There were if I recall 7 frames, left over after a the many business "transitions" (bankruptcies etc) that wound up in someones hands that wasnt Steve Saleen. They came to auction, about 2 years ago. The current Saleen company (that Steve Saleen is in control of...
  20. Specracer

    Cyber Monday 35% off Ford Images good through December 4th

    Promo code is 1204 Quite a few fresh NGT choices