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  1. Awsum GT

    Carbon Fiber Experts Question

    I ordered a gloss carbon fiber replacement part for my 2018 GT. It arrived in matte finish. I was told by the concierge that all CF parts come in raw form and I need to have it clear coated to match my other CF gloss parts. Is this correct or was I given bad information?
  2. Awsum GT

    I was just offered to purchase a 2020 Ford GT500

    But it's not my color... white with black stripes. $100k Guessing these will all sell for more than sticker. Let me know if any of you have interest at this number.. I will pass it along to the dealer. By the way, nothing in it for me. They are helping me with the purchase of another vehicle.
  3. Awsum GT

    Somethings up at Ford again... or not?

    anyone else read this?
  4. Awsum GT

    Am I the only one having issues with the website?

    It seems to be stuck... not loading new posts like before... stuck on one post that happened a while ago.
  5. Awsum GT

    Shift light on steering wheel questions

    Can someone tell me exactly when these shift lights on the steering wheel are to actually light up and suggest time to shift? Does this only happen in certain drive modes or certain speeds?
  6. Awsum GT

    2016+ Ford GT Car Cover

    Guessing some of you have found out that the 05/06 Ford GT cover will also fit on the new GT's. I just tried one of mine on last night and was surprised it actually fit.
  7. Awsum GT

    IMSA Monterey This Weekend

    Looking forward to attending the IMSA race to see the GT's take the top step on the podium this weekend. I was at the race 4 years ago when they took their first new GT win there!
  8. Awsum GT

    Racing Wives...

    New TV show... One of the guys has a new Ford GT in the show... gray with red/orange stripes. Think it may be Bush’s
  9. Awsum GT

    Well, we're going to do it again... Extreme Makeover Home Edition!

    Ten years ago we were chosen to build a home for a local hero for the TV Show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The show is returning for 10 episodes on HGTV. We were chosen again to help another local family to build the home for the first episode of the new season. There are a few finalist...
  10. Awsum GT

    Good Cop Bad Cop

    I had the 2018 GT out for a drive this weekend. Pulled up to a signal light... of course right next to me is a cop that was in front of me. He signals me to roll down my window. He looks at me with a straight face.."where is your front plate?" I went silent and then said I couldn't find a...
  11. Awsum GT

    2016 Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition Roadster for sale

    New Price $360,000 Added options: This ride has the Lamborghini exhaust computer upgrade installed by Lamborghini dealership $6,500. Awesome sounding exhaust note KD40 Radar built in system $4,500 Tinted windows $2,500 Clear Bra front and sides of the car $3,000 CF console pieces $2,000 CF...
  12. Awsum GT

    New 17/18/19 GT Passenger Footwell Dead Pedal

    Spell check changed pedal to peddle in title. How can I change this? Searched but could not find the answer... is it a bad idea to remove the foot brace in the passenger side of the new GT?
  13. Awsum GT

    Henry Fords Ship The Benson Ford Repurposed

    Very interesting... part of the ship was turned into a home on a lake.
  14. Awsum GT

    Ford GT and Clint Eastwood

    I had my 2018 Ford GT at Tehama, Clint Eastwood's private Golf Club in Carmel/Pebble Beach CA where I am a member the other night. We were having dinner. Clint was there and we were talking about the Ford GT and the story behind the new GT. He was really interested. After dinner he exited...
  15. Awsum GT

    New Ford GT Livery - POLL:

    Keep the new livery or revert to red, white and blue after Daytona
  16. Awsum GT

    Final production GT photo in the light booth

    Anyone know how long after delivery of each GT they send the photo of the finished GT in the light booth etched on the metal?
  17. Awsum GT

    Scotty Cameron "The Clint" Special Edition Putter from Clint Eastwoods Tehama Golf

    Scotty Cameron "The Clint" Special Edition Putter from Clint Eastwoods Tehama Golf Great Christmas Gift!
  18. Awsum GT

    New Artwork on my 2018 GT and other rides

    Pen and ink drawing of 3 of my rides... Sent several photos of the 3 rides to him and this is the final product. Very nicely done!
  19. Awsum GT

    Liquid Red 2018 Ford GT with Volcano Red McLaren Photo

    These two colors are very close...