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  1. partssmann

    C&C today

    Finally after a brutal summer our mornings are nice and can go to a C&C. See link & pics below:
  2. partssmann

    New Ford GC

    While I did not get selected for a New GT, did get a new to me Ford GC. I did not even know Ford had made golf carts back in 2002. It is called a Ford Think Neighbor. My better half purchased a vacation/investment home that came with a golf cart that I discovered had Ford badges on it. She was...
  3. partssmann

    More Press Time For Chip

    See link below for a local video interview with Chip and his NGT.
  4. partssmann

    Mileage Milestone

    My 99 Ford F150 truck just hit the quarter million mile mark. A testament to the best made vehicle in the USA.. A testament
  5. partssmann

    05/06 GT Cup Holder

    I have seen some really nice cup holders for the GT before but not much lately. Decided to try a cup holder I had seen before from "Ultimate Cupholder". Was skeptical it would work but bent the installation tap 18 0 degrees back and lined with Velcro. Installed on passenger side footwell storage...
  6. partssmann

    Peterson Museum Gala NGT Allocation Auction

    Has anybody seen the results of the Peterson Museum Gala NGT Allocation Auction from this last Saturday?
  7. partssmann

    South OC C&C

    Was at the South Orange County Cars & Coffee and took a few pictures of some GTs and other interesting cars. The Sunbeam Tiger dyno was 578 Hp, impressive horsepower in such a small car.
  8. partssmann

    2020 GT500 @ 760 Hp

    Yea Baby!
  9. partssmann

    Edit Post Missing

    I cant seem to find edit icon for a post I have made with a typo?
  10. partssmann

    Ford GT SAE Event April 5, 2017 Video

    Can anybody direct me to link of the subject video?
  11. partssmann

    New Garage Wall Art

    Had seen one of our members post a really nice color sketch of a red 05/06 GT many years ago. Recently was at Costco and was looking at their metal print services. Sent a high resolution jpeg file in and had it printed on a 24"x36". Cost was $12o plus tax. Turned out really good compared to the...
  12. partssmann

    Ford Performance Article

    Sat down one day many months ago and wrote an article for Ford Performance website. Never thought it would be published. While I don't have the writing ability of Karl B., Chip B. or DBK, was fun to tell some of the story behind my 70 Boss 302...
  13. partssmann

    New Heritage in the Wild

    Was at local Cars & Cigars show and spotted a new Heritage in the wild. Can you spot the modification that I bet many with this car will perform. Really like the seat stitching color match to the exterior color.
  14. partssmann

    Scottsdale C&C Today

    Another great weather day for us here in AZ at the local C&C. Had 8 GTs show up today. I post these pictures not to make our brothers back East jealous but just to share with them what they get to look forward to after the winter. The Kirkham Cobra had a 860 cu in V-12 motor in it! Had to wait...
  15. partssmann

    Front Splitter Curb Clearance 05/06 GT vs. New GT

    I am curious to know the curb clearance of the new vs. 05/06 GT. Obviously this would be measured with New GT front hydraulic lift engaged. The 05/06 GT curb clearance at the front splitter with Bridgestone's at 31 psig is around 5 inches at lowest point and 5.25 inches at highest point.
  16. partssmann

    GT Gauges Repair & Chips Next Vehicle

    So after meeting a 06 GT owner at LA Peterson Museum C&C with tach and fuel gauge issues, recommended he use Kendall at Cool Tech to repair gauges. Kendall sent his son down to LA to remove gauge cluster for repair. How's that for service. The GT owner thanked me for recommendation and...
  17. partssmann

    L.A. Peterson Museum C&C Today

    Good group of car enthusiast today and some nice Fords. First car is an O5 GT with only a 1000 miles. Was another one of the Galpin Ford GTs that they had saved for a future sale date. The second car was an original Shelby 65 GT350 with only 11,000 miles. The third car was possibly another...
  18. partssmann

    Ford F150 Allternator Replacement

    So I needed to replace my alternator in my 230,000 mile F150 5.4L. Sounds like a simple task but the real challenge was what alternator to replace with. Cant buy new Motorcraft from Ford, only remanufactured available. Tried this remanufactured and made a clicking sound. Tried a new CARQUEST...
  19. partssmann

    Scottsdale C&C Today

    This event keeps getting larger with over 900 parking spaces. Little warm today but attendance was great with two 2017 GTs and two 2005 GTs. Just a sea of people and cars. We said goodbye to some of our forum members today from the North and East who will be returning home soon.
  20. partssmann

    Scottsdale Penske Museum C&C Today

    Our great weather this time of year allows for a C&C every weekend. Scottsdale has C&Cs 3 of the 4 Saturday's per month. So with everybody looking at John and Michelle's NGT decided to open my clamshell to steal some of their thunder. Worked for a little while. The color on their NGT really...