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  1. analogdesigner

    Superformance cars used in Ford v Ferrari movie

    Here are a few snapshots from 10-26-19 at our local South OC Cars and Coffee held weekly in San Clemente, CA. Lance from Superformance provided the cars used for the filming of Ford v Ferrari. Simon Wehr does an interview with Lance Stander from Superformance...
  2. analogdesigner

    MAF value need

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a low boost problem. What is the expected MAF value for a stock engine setup at 6,000 RPM, WOT? My car has the Roush pulley (worth about an extra 2 PSI of boost) and I am getting about 32-33 lbs./min. of airflow, WOT at 6,000 RPM. A mechanical vacuum/boost gauge...
  3. analogdesigner

    The 2017 Ford GT Suspension Is Unlike Anything Else

    Guys, Thought that you'd like this technical video! Jay
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    Compression check and new iridium plugs

    I wanted to do a compression check and change my plugs to the Denso iridium type as they have the smallest diameter electrode (0.4mm). So the compression check values are as follows (21,000 miles on odometer): Driver side front to rear: 186 190 186 185 Pass. side front to rear: 189 189 189...
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    Ford GT40 on Hells' Kitchen!

    So Chef Gordon Ramsay has class. Tonight on Hell's Kitchen, he's on the race track and pulls up in the GT40 just before starting the chef's challenge! Jay
  6. analogdesigner

    1966 427 GT40 motor article, October 2016 Hot Rod magazine

    There's a four page article in the new Hot Rod magazine on page 58, "How Hot Rodders Built a World Championship Winning Engine in 1966". Jay
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    Original tires, low mileage, 10 years old, make offer

    SOLD! I am selling my set of original tires. They are 10 years old and have a few hundred miles on them. The front tires have 8/32" of tread depth and the rear have 7/32". I had installed a set of optional wheels at the time and ordered a brand new set of tires so these are the original ones...
  8. analogdesigner

    McIntosh amp / subwoofer extension cables for relocation kit, NO MORE WIRE CUTTING!

    I am selling a set of custom designed extension cables which allow the relocation of the factory optional McIntosh audio system amplifier and subwoofer. These extension cables eliminate the need for cutting the factory cables in order to move the amplifier and subwoofer behind the driver and/or...
  9. analogdesigner

    Need part number, supercharger belt for Roush pulley kit

    Guys, I need your help as I would like to replace my supercharger belt. It's a shorter belt that was in the Roush pulley kit that was offered back in 2006: I contacted Roush a couple of...
  10. analogdesigner

    Fuel filter replacement using the PROPER TOOL!

    I finally got around to replacing my fuel filter. I have read on the forum about everyone using a 3/8" line disconnect tool for performing this task. The fuel filter has 1/2" diameter lines on it, so where did the 3/8" tool size come from? The proper tool is an AST 8016. It pops in place in...
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    2017 Ford GT specs leaked???
  12. analogdesigner

    Low oil pressure and boost reading solved

    I have been having low oil pressure and boost problems recently. When I scanned for OBDII codes I got a P0522 (low oil pressure sender voltage). I was also having problems with low boost, about 9 to 10 PSI. max. I replaced the sender (this is now the second replacement) and cleared the code...
  13. analogdesigner

    Ford 3.5L EcoBoost race engine in September 2015 Hot Rod magazine

    Guys, The September 2015 Hot Rod magazine has three pages (pg. 84 through 86) with a couple of pictures discussing the 3.5L EcoBoost race engine. Jay
  14. analogdesigner

    August issue of Hot Rod Magazine has a few pages devoted to the new Ford GT

    The new August issue of Hot Rod Magazine has a few pages devoted to the new Ford GT car and design team. It shows that if you keep a project lean, things can move a very rapid rate! J
  15. analogdesigner

    Possible gauge protection grounding RETROFIT kit, shipping delay---

    Update: 5-1-2015, I got everyone's retrofit kit back in the mail today. Hopefully you will receive your package mid next week. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks again, Jay To everyone that purchased a transient voltage protector for your gauges, I had mailed everyone a retrofit...
  16. analogdesigner

    Polished fasteners for Project 321 AND stock coil covers, CUSTOMER LIST

    UPDATE 3-31-2015: I have shipped all outstanding orders today. This includes persons that ordered the gauge protection device at the same time. Thanks, Jay UPDATE 3-17-2015: Instructions for installing this are outlined at the bottom of this posting. UPDATE 3-16-2015: I am getting ready to...
  17. analogdesigner

    Possible gauge protection solution CUSTOMER LIST

    Possible gauge protection solution, installation guide UPDATE 3-30-2015: I now have a schematic at the bottom of this posting. There is an alternative method of configuring the installation. The alternate method involves changing both fuses to the new values shown on the schematic. The idea...
  18. analogdesigner

    Fasteners for Project 321 coil covers

    UPDATE 3-6-2015: I picked up the parts this morning and they look very nice. Please go to post #13 to see what was done so far. I will be organizing a list of buyers this weekend and begin processing orders and shipping by 3-11 (Wednesday) as there is one more polishing step involved. UPDATE...
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    Possible gauge protection solution

    Everyone, If you are interested in ordering one of these, you may do so by sending $37.00 plus $8.00 (shipping and handling) totaling $45.00 by check or PayPal. If you order multiple units, please only pay for shipping and handling once! I will be placing another order for parts this coming...
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    Fuel filter - Fuse location for fuel pumps?

    Guys, I need your assistance in the procedure for replacing my fuel filter. My 2005 shop manual is useless so I had read (on the forum) that there are two blue 15 amps fuses located under the front hood latch. So I remove both of them and start the engine to relieve the fuel pressure. Well...