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  1. shesgotlegs

    My day

    I couldn’t ask for a better one! The sun was shining, the coffee fresh and TFX Transport brought my baby in their beautiful rig while Claude Poirier my personal Ford delivery specialist drove it onto terra ferma. I had a few friends and family around to help celebrate the moment.
  2. shesgotlegs

    Ford GT carpeted Floor Mats

    Mint condition. $100 plus shipping for the pair.
  3. shesgotlegs

    Ford GT Factory OEM brand new Romeo Engine Plant Niche Line Signature Plates with and without signatures

    I acquired them in 2007. Brand new Ford Romeo Engine Plant Niche Line valve cover Signature Plates for all 2005 - 2006 Ford GT’s. Plate is located on driver side of engine valve cover. $50 plus shipping a piece without signature $150 plus shipping a piece with signature.
  4. shesgotlegs

    Ford GT Factory OEM Transaxle Belly Pan complete with Stillen rear diffusers for 2005-2006 Ford GT - $1,400 plus shipping.

    The Ford Factory OEM belly pan is the rear most one on the car and includes the rare and discontinued Stillen Racing enhanced rubberized rear Diffusers for a more aggressive look as well as providing more forgiveness than the original to bumping and bruising especially when backing the car up...
  5. shesgotlegs

    Factory Ford BBS 10 Spoke Premium Wheels ( fronts and rears ) for 2005-2006 Ford GT.

    Complete set of Ford factory OEM BBS 10 spoke rims painted by The GT Guy come complete with factory center caps and half used Hoosier R7’s on the front and Hoosier R6’s on the rears. I no longer need them as I’ve sold my car. And for those who have never tried Hoosiers have no idea what you’re...
  6. shesgotlegs

    Brand new in the box OEM Factory Interior Aluminum Channels ( Interior Rockers- Pair ) for 2005-2006 Ford GT.

    Part # 5G7Z-6313209 Part # 5G7Z-6313208 Bought brand new in 2007. I never needed them and have sold the car. $1,300 plus shipping for the pair.
  7. shesgotlegs

    2006 Ford GT for sale by original owner

    2006 Ford GT for sale by original owner. 82,060 miles. ONLY serviced and maintained by The Gt Guys and Polito Ford. Great condition and value. Solid and tight. Additional features: Gen 1 Whipple ( also recently rebuilt by Whipple) 713 RWHP and 640 RWTQ Ford GT 30 psi boost gauge Recently...
  8. shesgotlegs

    Carbon Fibre Rear Wing for sale.

    Fully adjustable quality unit easily mounts to existing rear frame rail extensions. Just unbolt rear bumper and mount wing assembly in its place. Asking $4000
  9. shesgotlegs

    Happy Birthday Anders

    Albeit belated as it was on the 10th but I hope it was all you could have imagined :facepalm: :lol Happy 50th Birthday buddy!!!!!!! :club:party:smash:devil:beer2: :party:club:usa
  10. shesgotlegs

    Brand new Ford GT AP Racing Slotted Rotors

    Brand new in box 1 set of Ford GT AP Racing slotted front rotors measuring 362mm x 32mm. $650 plus delivery takes it.
  11. shesgotlegs

    Ford GT AP Racing 6 Piston brake system

    Used Ford GT AP Racing 6 piston track full floating slotted brake system. Rotors are 2 piece units measuring 362mm x 32mm fronts and 380 mm rears. Includes 1 full set of used Ferodo ds 3000 track pads already mounted ; 1 extra pair of new Ferodo 2.1 track pads ; as well as 1 full set of...
  12. shesgotlegs

    Photoradar tickets in France

    Anyone from the US or Canada have any knowledge / experience in NOT paying for a few photo radar tickets for supposedly speeding while driving a rental vehicle in France ? The request for payment was sent by in the mail by some authority and not the rental company.
  13. shesgotlegs

    Copenhagen at Goodwood right now

    Since either no one else knows and or forget to mention it ( hope he doesnt get pissed off at me ) but 3 cheers to our fearless friend, ex - car hoarder :facepalm: :lol and general all round weasel :wink who's participating in the Goodwood Revival this weekend :cheers: :thumbsup He's partnered...
  14. shesgotlegs

    Michigan Introduces Bill to Ban Most Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

    Aren't there more important matters at hand :facepalm: :frown :frown :frown
  15. shesgotlegs

    Just made Brand New " fresh as can be" Hoosiers

    Hey guys, Hoosier sent and charged me for an extra set of rears. ( 315 / 40ZR R6 ) At this point rather than cause a commotion with them, thought I'd see if anyone is interested. Price is my cost which is $930 for the set. They're sitting at the GT Guys. Let me know.
  16. shesgotlegs

    Crack heads need more money
  17. shesgotlegs

    How to break into a garage in 6 seconds ...and how to prevent it...
  18. shesgotlegs

    Looking for BBS Wheels

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a nice set of OEM BBS wheels for the track. If you've got a set please pm me. Thanks.
  19. shesgotlegs

    GT 40 in 1967 Life Magazine spark plug ad

    Don't know if this has been around already but stumbled on it in a September 1967 Life Magazine.