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  1. lc2006

    Shelby American and Penske Racing legend, Chuck Cantwell, drives the 2020 GT

    When my family and I traveled to Multimatic back during January, Shelby American and Penske Racing legend, Chuck Cantwell, joined us for the trip up to Canada. Additionally, Chuck’s son, DC, drove over from upstate NY and met us at Multimatic. While we were walking through Multimatic, I...
  2. lc2006

    Just stumbled across this Mach-E video... pretty amazing.

    I have not see this video previously. I, literally, just stumbled across it on the internet. I apologize if this was posted previously.
  3. lc2006

    Breaking COVID-19 Quarantine in a 2020 Ford GT

    After having lived through two months of the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, I could not take it any longer. Luckily for me, my good buddy – and expert Cobra restorer – Dave Wagner was climbing the walls at his house about as much as I was climbing mine. Dave suggested that making the 600-mile...
  4. lc2006

    L0054 delivered 2-3-20

    I, inadvertently, was causing another thread to go a bit off topic, so here is a new thread dealing with the delivery of L0054. As with everyone else on the Forum, my experience with the entire Ford team, Multimatic, the folks from Jackson Dawson -- specifically, Jessica Taylor and Bernardo...
  5. lc2006

    2019 G.T. 350 Tour -- The Ozark Mountains

    Well, I never thought that I would allow the annual G.T. 350 Tour grow beyond 20 vintage G.T. 350s/40 participants. It is a nonprofit tour, and I have no desire for it to become some gargantuan event, as with some other superb driving tours, that allow nearly 100 cars and 200 people to...
  6. lc2006

    30th Annual Cobra 1000 -- 17 Original Cobras in WY, ID, and MT

    This might not be the timeliest of posts, although I have been meaning to get to it for a while. Life has been busy… not the least of which was spending time finalizing the specs and colors, etc. for L0054. In any case, Drew and Janet Serb, along with daughter, Emily Serb Lambert, organized...
  7. lc2006

    1965 G.T. 350 v. new G.T 350 & 2020 G.T. 500

    I was at the Shelby American Automobile Club's National Convention at Pittsburgh International Raceway last Friday/Saturday. I arrived at the track at 5:45 a.m. on Saturday and noticed that the Ford Performance display had been left unattended... big mistake! I took the opportunity to slide my...
  8. lc2006

    The 2018 G.T. 350 Tour -- 22 Vintage Shelbys in the Adirondack Mountains

    Okay, my previous couple of posts notwithstanding, one does not always have to drive a Cobra… there are other cool Fords in which you can have lots of fun! I enjoy organizing a not-for-profit Shelby G.T. 350 driving tour each fall. The Tour takes place in a different location each year. In...
  9. lc2006

    2018 Cobra 1000 -- 20 Original Cobras in the High Desert

    I don’t mean to dwell on Cobras on a Forum that is devoted to Ford’s superb GTs, however, after having been asked to post a thread about the 2018 Last Frontier Alaska Cobra Tour, I am guessing that there might be a few Forum members who will find this interesting…. For the past 29 years – yes...
  10. lc2006

    2018 Last Frontier Alaska Cobra Tour

    Several Forum members have asked me if I would post some photos from a 2,000 mile driving tour that the owners of four original Shelby Cobras set out on through the stunningly beautiful state of Alaska last month (July 2018). Those on the tour included Tom Cotter (NC) and his son, Brian (GA)...