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    NFGT plant tour.

    I haven't seen this before and apologize if it is a repost. It was a great day touring this place with John Bailey to see his car on the floor. Saw many other forum members cars there that day as well. :thumbsup Cheers Trent
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    I have a dozen skins for 05/06 I am looking to clear (no pun intended) out. Heat formed & precut stored in original tube from ClearPlex. $125.00 + shipping. Great time/price to get a new one or a spare. Jeff, I have one set aside for you just let me know if you want me to ship it to Rich...
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    Autoweek 1989

    A good friend dropped this off to me and I thought it was a cool look at the 25th anniversary.
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    ClearPlex Who's In

    After a couple of the pricing comments I mentioned it to the distributor and they said they would see if they could drop the price a little more once we get the numbers. Can probably get it to $175.00 but need to get the numbers to 20 units. These are pre-formed, pre-cut skins and include free...
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    Badge For New GT

    After doing the graphics on dozens of new F-150s for the Police I have ended up with a stack of EcoBoost badges. After a quick modification I thought it would be a natural on the new GT - thoughts? :biggrin I will test it out on mine and see what response I get. :lol
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    Tapatalk banner

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    Transporter For Sale

    Well as many know I don't use this rig enough & it is time to get it into the hands of someone who will. 2008 build on a pre-emission 2007 chassis - 16,500 miles $295,000.00obo Pics and more info here. Cheers...
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    Comments please

    Not sure if I have the year correct, please advise if it is not. My thoughts and prayers have been with his family since I read this last night. God gains another one of the world's best.
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    It's Here........2014 GT500

    Well after 3 months of waiting the '14 GT500 has arrived in town. Here are a few pics from the basement at the dealership. Plan to pick it up later in the week and bring my '69 GT500 vert. The dealership wants to get some good pix of the 45 years of separation. I will post more pix when I get it...
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    Rally VI Video

    As many of you know Sue was out snapping pix and shooting video. She put this together for everyone to enjoy. I am still working on the windshield cam video that I am putting music to but it is taking a long time editing out all of the cars that passed me :biggrin :cheers Trent...
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    Here come the Pix

    A few shots from today.
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    Pick her or the car

    Hilarious - read the "compare the specs"
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    Garage Art - your car - any size

    Many of you have seen the prints, big and small, I have done and I would like to offer a "your print" service. We have all seen decals, posters, etc on numerous web based auction sites but what if you were able to have any of those products, and then some, with your car on it. Putting a pic of...
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    TungStorm Prints

    I have had a few inquires on the pic in my sig line. This is an airbrush painting a good friend of mine did of my car from a pic he took in his driveway when I stopped by. 2 years later it is what you see today. I have done many prints and story boards for numerous cars and if anyone would like...
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    Clock is ticking

    I only see Terry & I coming from Canada but if there are any Alberta owners sitting on the fence I am happy to bring my big trailer and transport your car. If there are no takers I will take the little trailer and be there to take lots of pix for the ones that didn't make it. Shoot me a pm or...
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    For the Porsche Fans

    Need a new collection - one easy bid :biggrin
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    8Gs worth of amazing flying

    For my 500th post I wanted to post something for all to enjoy. This Edge 540 is an amazing airplane especially with Kirby on the stick. :cheers Trent
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    Cars of Dreams

    Sorry if this is a repost but once you get past the host, the owner & his collection are amazing. :thumbsup
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    Model T assembly line video

    A cool look back to the work that went into making the car for the masses.
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    Transport to VIR from Calgary

    I am thinking on bringing my transporter to RV and have room for 1 more GT if anyone on the way is interested. Your car will be travelling 1st class and treated as my own. Let me know if there is any interest. Cheers Trent