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    Forum Member will be Racing at Daytona Sat 2/16/13 at 4:30 pm on SPEED

    Mark Thompson is a FGT enthusiast from Atlanta who will once again be racing car #62 at Daytona Saturday afternoon. It's a hobby and he enjoys competing with the big buck teams. Best wishes for a great race, Mark!
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    " No 1040 In All its Glory "

    That's the title of an article in the Nov 28th issue of Autoweek about one of the 6 original GT40's to race at LeMans. 1040 was owned by a Forum member until 2008!
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    THE FORD GTX1 PROTOTYPE HAS BEEN SOLD This one-of-one 2005 SEMA Car designed and build-assisted by Kip Ewing is currently listed on eBay (Item number: 120631356176) for $390,000 OBO, and could include a GTX1 or FGT as partial payment. For more info or questions, contact...
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    B-door improved design

    Bernard Guerin, an old friend to many Forum members, has perfected the B-doors for FGT's. :cheers
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    Mileage and Ford GT's

    Having had the pleasure of owning 3 Ford GT's/GTX1's, which had mileage of 1,300, 16,000 and almost 54,000 miles, I have found the most noticeable differences in these cars has been the odometer readings. My 54,000 mile car, runs and drives as good as either of the other 2, and except for the...
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    Ford GTX1 Prototype for sale

    I've listed the GTX1 Prototype on ebay with an opening bid of $300,000 and buy-it-now price of $525,000. If anyone on the Forum should have an interest in this very special and collectible Ford GTX1, please let me know.:cheers
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    FGT Owner Racing today at Daytona

    Mark Thompson, who is one of the Atlanta FGT owners, started 6th in today's 80 lap ARCA Daytona Race which started at 4:30. He's driving Phonnix Air Car # 66. :cheers
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    Sale of Salvage Titled GTX1

    For the curious and those keeping track of things like this, my Blue '06 GTX1 (VIN 1451) drowned in a flash flood of a river in Atlanta 3 1/2 months ago. Totally submerged, she disappeared in nasty river water for a day until the river receeded, allowing her to come up for air without moving...
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    GTX1 Wanted

    Anyone contemplating the sale of a GTX1 or know of one for sale, please contact me in confidence. or (404) 271-8039. :cheers
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    2007 SL600 - For Sale

    Deja vu...Here it is again, with 300 more miles and a $3,000 price reduction. Originally posted in Sept, shortly before the worst flood in Ga history. The SL was not affected by the flood and has never had damage of any kind. It's a great car! Iridium Silver with Black Leather and Burl...
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    New Benchmark for VBox 60-130

    A pulley, tune, exhaust, pump gas X1 ran a 6.6. It dynos just over 600 but runs like it has a Whipple because the rears are 345/30 PS2's. :cheers
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    60-130 mph

    I have searched the threads but haven't found a time for a pullied GT (600+ WHP). Can someone provide a time or guesstimate? Also can anyone provide a time for a 3.90 gear (2 shift) FGT to compare with a similar HP stock gear (1 shift) FGT. ? Thank you, thank you, thank you. :cheers
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    GT with a unique paint color

    TTGT vs TTGT
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    Cadillac CTS-V Time Slip: 11.9 at 122

    The time slip was on the windshield of an all black 09, rather large looking Cadillac Sedan at a car show today. Owner saids it is factory stock except for a tune. He said it smoked several Vettes and GT500's. :cheers
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    Best Monthly Car Event in Atlanta

    This Sunday, April 5th, 8:30-11 am at Panera Bread at Avenue East Cobb, 4465 Roswell Road (120), Marietta 30062. There should be about 100 cars. Hopefully the rain will be outahere by Sunday. Hope to see you there. :cheers
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    Video clips of one of the earlier modified FGT's

    Before the Whipple and TT became somewhat commonplace, the GT owner in this video was at the forefront of GT modifications which were demonstrated with video on public roads and highways in Florida. This is one of the best, or worst depending on your perspective, and one that many...
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    Atlanta's Best Monthly Car Event - Caffeine and Octane

    Atlanta's version of Cars and Coffee is held on the 1st Sunday of every month from 8:30 - 11 am at Panera Bread at Avenue East Cobb, 4465 Roswell Road (120), Marietta 30062. There should be about 100 cars. Most of the local GT owners have been emailed. The weather is supposed to be warm this...
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    2010 GT500 to be in Showrooms soon ?

    The local Ford Dealer has already placed an order for (10) 2010 GT500's and anticipates they will become available within the next few months to roughly coincide with Chevy's introduction of the '10 Camaro. The 2010 540 HP GT500 is the cover car for Motor Trend's March Issue. :cheers
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    An Atlanta FGT did not survive the weekend

    Since Saturday, 2 very low mileage garage queen FGT's have surfaced in Atlanta. Sat night one was totaled in a crash that left the driver in the trauma unit of a local hospital with 2 broken legs. The crash victim will be ok but is looking at a long recovery. Today, a locally owned '06 black...
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    Another GT totalled - Read how it occurred

    Here's another horror story of a service provider wrecking a GT. I heard this today from a friend who said he will email the pictures. An owner of a White GT in Loganville, GA, negotiated the sale of his car to a buyer from Florida who flew to Atlanta last Tuesday to pick it up. A respected...