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  1. Not 4N

    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    Count me in for the quad pack. 2 rear, 2 front.
  2. Not 4N

    Oil Pump

    Didn't notice a wobble but I think we caught it very early.
  3. Not 4N

    Bought a 1969 Shelby GT350

    Looks great, enjoy! I drive my GT 500 as much as the GT and love it.
  4. Not 4N

    Blake, You're Famous

    Nice!! Drive 'em, enjoy 'em, show 'em.:thumbsup
  5. Not 4N

    NFGT plant tour.

    I haven't seen this before and apologize if it is a repost. It was a great day touring this place with John Bailey to see his car on the floor. Saw many other forum members cars there that day as well. :thumbsup Cheers Trent
  6. Not 4N

    Happy Birthday MAD IN NC!!

    Happy b/day buddy. Wish I was closer, menu sounds awesome. Cheers
  7. Not 4N

    Happy Birthday Not 4N..!!

    Thanks for all the great wishes guys, means a lot to me. Cheers Trent
  8. Not 4N

    Anyone know the font of the Heritage Roundel Numbers?

    Unique font, have them on file. Let me know which one you need & I will cut it and send it.
  9. Not 4N

    Ford GT H023 Sells at Barrett-Jackson for $2.5 million

    So cool to watch with great energy and enthusiasm. An awesome result for the charity, Raj & the Ford brand. Very well done.
  10. Not 4N

    Ford GTs so far

    Liquid grey looks very close to Tungsten. May look awesome next to an '06 in that colour......not that I know anyone. :biggrin:thumbsup
  11. Not 4N

    Ford GT Rally 12 Film

    That is an awesome video, very well done.
  12. Not 4N

    Happy Birthday GT Jack !!

    Have a great day Jack!:cheers
  13. Not 4N

    Super Secret Squirrel Code

    My car has Torrie's custom tune and I have no problem after an oil change - hasn't fired up once.:shrug
  14. Not 4N

    DBK makes an Irishman very happy

    Very cool write up. Not everyone can say they one upped a viper bathroom. :biggrin:thumbsup
  15. Not 4N

    Hoosier Express #120

    Looks amazing Blake, congrats. Very happy to see all of these beautiful machines showing up in the hands of my friends. Terry is a great amdasador/host and the tour through the factory is amazing. Cheers buddy!!
  16. Not 4N

    Visited Multimatic today to see VIN 00098 - Liquid Blue / White stripes

    Great to hear Andy, what a sight it is. Unsuspecting front entrance opens up to the most amazing place, for GT owners, on earth. Nice to know they were looking out for "98". I look forward to seeing the pix when you get it home. Cheers Trent
  17. Not 4N

    Thank you DBK rally 12

    I got home late last night & agree whole heartedly on these comments. What a Rally, had an awesome time with old friends and some new ones as well, it just doesn't get any better than that. Very, very greatful to be part of this amazing group of people. Thanks again Dave, Chip, Andy and...
  18. Not 4N


    Sorry they are all spoken for. If there is enough interest I could get a group buy together but we would need another 20-25 people. Like Frank's mine has been on for 11 years and has no scratches but many nicks from rocks. Got another hard hit on Sunday but the Glass is fine, only a wound in...
  19. Not 4N


    Shows delivered July 27th. I will send you a pm with the FedEx delivery receipt.