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  1. The Grey Ghost

    WANTED: Console Storage Unit By Kip

    Long shot, but I am looking for one of the storage units that install in the console. Kip made these several years ago, right after I got my GT. Busy jumping on other upgrades out of the chute, I never pulled the trigger on one. If someone out there has one collecting dust I would be...
  2. The Grey Ghost

    Air Bleeder Fitting for Radiators

    Does anybody have a part number or source for the brass air bleeder fittings in the top left of both radiators? Ford lists the drain fittings at the bottom, but the top bleeder fittings seem to only be sold with the radiator.
  3. The Grey Ghost

    Never In Doubt

    I think it's great, every where you turn it's the hot topic. Trying to see if I could pick out anybody we know hanging over the wall.
  4. The Grey Ghost

    Kit Car On Craigslist

    This popped up on my regular GT Craigslist search. It's actually located in the town where my in-laws live.
  5. The Grey Ghost

    A/C Compressor Leaking

    A quick search brought up several A/C threads, but I never found this issue specifically. A/C finally started blowing warm last summer. I had to ad 7oz of Freon right before the Vegas rally to bring up to spec and decided to throw in some dye while I was at it. Today I started servicing the...
  6. The Grey Ghost

    GT on a pizza box

    Walking through the Walmart grocery section I saw a familiar figure in one of the deli cases. They were also including an information card in each box, but strangely enough the GT card comes in the pizza box with the Charger on it and not the GT box.
  7. The Grey Ghost

    Portion of Sam Pack Collection up for auction

    Saw this on another forum. I remember seeing some of his collection during the pre-rally get together in Dallas before our first rally in Austin. Sam was there to show us around and more than willing to take time to visit and answer any questions...
  8. The Grey Ghost

    Installed TPMS system last week.

    I am as diligent as anyone when comes to keeping an eye on my tire pressures, especially with no spare. I check them every time the car leaves the garage. Having read previous threads on the subject, I know there are different views here on how helpful these systems can be. While I know a...
  9. The Grey Ghost

    Spotted in San Francisco post, post rally

    I'm walking down the piers along the bay Sunday evening, and out of the corner of my eye I recognize the silloutte of the most beautiful car made. I really hope he stayed on the the flat roads, because after touring the hills above the bay, I would never want to attempt it in a GT. The rental...
  10. The Grey Ghost

    Wine tasting in Sonoma

    Had a great trip today.
  11. The Grey Ghost

    Anyone flying in to Sacramento on Tuesday evening/night Sept. 3rd?

    My wife won't be able to fly in until Tuesday night, and I'm trying to decide whether to skip the reception to pick her up, or arrange other transportation for her. Figured if someone else was coming in around that time, we could possibly coordinate something. Jeff
  12. The Grey Ghost

    Anyone have a spare access panel gasket?

    Looking to see in anyone has a spare reuseable gasket for the rear bulk head access panel they would be willing to sell. I don't need it immediately, but want to have it here on hand should I find myself removing the panel. I had been talking to Jay this spring about getting one directly from...
  13. The Grey Ghost

    Convertible Weather In December!

    OK, I know for you guys on the west coast and down south it's no big deal, but for those of us in the mid-west, we don't get days like this in December very often. Just when I thought she was put away for the winter, we had to get her out to play one more day.
  14. The Grey Ghost

    Roush Supercharger Pulley & Belt Upgrade Kit For Sale

    Saw this on our local Craigslist, and just thought I'd pass it along. I have no affiliation with the seller. Jeff
  15. The Grey Ghost

    GT Has A New Roomate!

    Well, as several before me, we've added to the stable. After what seemed like forever (ordered in April), we finally took a road trip to Iowa to pick up the Shelby today. Based on previous posts I've seen, it looks like the new blue is going to be a popular color. Hope to get out to more...
  16. The Grey Ghost

    More PR from Texas
  17. The Grey Ghost

    Any FL members familiar with Wayne Akers Ford in Lake Worth?

    The title pretty much says it all. Looking for anyone who might be familiar with Wayne Akers Ford in Lake Worth, FL. Please send me a PM. Thanks, Jeff
  18. The Grey Ghost

    Alcohol-Free Gas at Rally 6

    For those who try to avoid running ethanol in their cars, I've found 2 stations that claim to sell ethanol-free gas. Don't know about most other states, but in KS they are not required to label the pumps when selling ethanol, so you don't always know. One is less than 4 miles north of the...
  19. The Grey Ghost

    Ford Racing Recognizes the GT

    Just got my recent Ford Racing News Letter and there is an article about the GT on the race circuit. I haven't been receiving their news letter long, but I beleive this may be the first time they have acknowleged the GT. Global Spotlight – Ford GT Wins Brazil GT3 Championship With one race...
  20. The Grey Ghost

    Rally IV Canvas Print To Trade For ??????????????????

    Since both my wife and I were registered for the rally last year we ended up with 2 of the giclees canvas prints. We've had one nicely framed, however the other is still rolled up in the tube. I hate to see it just sit in storage, so I figured I would see what/if someone might want to trade. I...