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  1. The Grey Ghost

    Arkansas Hills. Fast rolling art

    Welcome to the forum! I am just a few miles west of you out in the county/country. Jeff
  2. The Grey Ghost

    Ready to Buy a GT - higher mileage – 05-06

    Welcome from another Buick/Ford fan. Your Buick collection is somewhat like a mirror image of the cars we had. 70 GS 455 4 spd non-air convertible. 70 GSX Stage 1 4 spd non-air 10-10 code 65 Riviera GS 2x4 - Silver While I miss the Buicks, the GT is definitely my favorite to drive!
  3. The Grey Ghost

    Car wash advice

    If you are referring to Optimum No Rinse, we use this as well. Happy with the results, especially with the ceramic coating, but good on cars without it as well.
  4. The Grey Ghost

    Get your collectors Ford Gt COVID 19 mask!

    My Ford parts delivery guys have been wearing these for weeks. Guess maybe I should ask for a couple!
  5. The Grey Ghost

    Ford GT's Getting Flagged by CARB!

    A lot of repair shops report general maintenance and mechanical repairs to Carfax through their POS systems. Is it possible a tune shop is integrated in to those type of systems?
  6. The Grey Ghost

    Fuel gauge troubleshoot

    I had what Kendall speaks of. Intermittent gauge in-operation, always fixed by a key cycle or 2. Which gauge was acting up varied. No issues starting the car. This was fixed with a new battery. That would leave sender or gauge as the cause. These guys have been down this road and are right...
  7. The Grey Ghost

    Muffler replacement question

    I would say yes. We removed the calm shell, and the bumper still had to come off.
  8. The Grey Ghost

    My day

    Congratulations Terry! With all the time you've spent at the factory, they should have let you just pick up there.
  9. The Grey Ghost

    Looking for Iconic GT.

    Ha Ha, I was actually refering to the Charlie Brown Halloween Episode.
  10. The Grey Ghost

    Wanted one new rear lower billet a-arm

    I just did the rear control arm and tie rod end link boots last month with a kit from Rich. Not too bad of a job to do.
  11. The Grey Ghost

    Our one and only Rich Robeck on a podcast interview...

    Just got to listen to the first part so far, but nice to see Rich get some recognition. Always enjoy visiting with him and Evelyn at the rallies.
  12. The Grey Ghost

    Looking for Iconic GT.

    All I got was a rock! :(
  13. The Grey Ghost

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    During spring maintenance, I finally bit the bullet and changed out the dust boots on the rear lower control arms and rear toe links. More adventurous, I changed out my fuel filter. I hope the dust boots need changing again before the fuel filter. :) Now, just going to hit the countryside for...
  14. The Grey Ghost


    I posted this over on the GT500 forum. There was guy over there looking for one.
  15. The Grey Ghost

    10,000mile or more club

    I think you should be able to count the miles you put on the Tungsten car before you sold it. Of course, I want to count them as well ;)
  16. The Grey Ghost

    WANTED: Console Storage Unit By Kip

    Terry, I was surprised how long it took someone from Rally 10 to remember this rare option.
  17. The Grey Ghost

    WANTED: Console Storage Unit By Kip

    Thanks Mitchell, I'll let you know. Hope you and Nadine are doing well through all of this.
  18. The Grey Ghost

    WANTED: Console Storage Unit By Kip

    I do believe there may have been more than one version. Sounds like Mitchell has a different model. I think they were also done in carbon fiber.