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  1. FlagstaffGT

    Spotted trailer

    Crossing New Mexico today, passed a big RV pulling a trailer that the back said “Life is too short to drive a boring car”. It was a Jimglo trailer, our new GT trailer. Anyone recognize it?
  2. FlagstaffGT

    Red GT in Sedona

    Had a report of a red GT in Sedona today. Any leads ?
  3. FlagstaffGT


    What is the best time to run the Pacific Coast Highway? I’m looking to go, with whoever wants to join, in the new or old GT or any vehicle. Info on side trips and canyon roads would be greatly appreciated. Anyone else interested? Wine country stops probably required. I recall that Sonoma was...
  4. FlagstaffGT

    Parking brake pad replacement

    One parking brake pad separated from the pad body and has shifted a hair. Replacement pads run from $11 for a semi-metallic pad to $261 for a Ford part. Brembo pad substituting for the Ford part number is $50. Anyone with thoughts or a knowledgeable response to the cost variation? Will I have...
  5. FlagstaffGT

    Once in a lifetime occasion....

    So what happens next? If it goes to 00000.0 then in 12 years I might see this again. If it goes to 100000.0, it will be 120 years.
  6. FlagstaffGT

    Historic First Event

    I am pretty sure that my dog is the first, ever, to throw up in the NFGT! Sure he was eating grass at my ranch before our drive home. And he landed everything on the towel I put on the seat. Pictures forthcoming!
  7. FlagstaffGT

    Driver side interior door handle failure

    Any words of advice for removing driver side door skin to access inside handle that has failed? Will I rip out spring clips or can that be avoided. Do I have to remove the double sticky side tape held trim on the door? Hidden screws? Will tackle it this weekend.
  8. FlagstaffGT

    Garage lift power

    I'm getting ready to wire my new garage with two 240 volt lifts. Where does the power cord usually go, up to the ceiling or along the floor and typically to the inside or outside front or back post? thx. barry
  9. FlagstaffGT

    Tire slime expiration date

    I guess my 2005 GT tire slime may have expired, since it did not work on this flat tire. Used the whole can too. I may have missed two warning signs: First I had a steering wheel shudder, about 1/2 inch back and forth for about 30 seconds on the highway (82 mph) which was making me wonder if it...
  10. FlagstaffGT

    Caught on Google Maps

    And published last week in the Flagstaff Arizona Daily Sun newspaper on dangerous intersections in Flagstaff. And no, I was not one of the 25 accidents there.
  11. FlagstaffGT

    Jaguar Project 8

    Sure looks like Jaguar cloned numerous aspects of the new Ford GT, but ended up not coming close.
  12. FlagstaffGT

    The real most important first mod....

    Have to get a radar detector in place. 12 volt plug is on right side of center console. Doesn't work aesthetically. Opened up upper light console. Four press in fittings (be careful they will try to fall out into the least accessible cracks of the seat when trim is pulled off). Plug into map...
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    Got to get me this new Mercedes....
  14. FlagstaffGT

    major turnover

    Was driving this today and parked it in my garage with .3 miles to 100k. Who knows what this is?
  15. FlagstaffGT

    Didn't break 200 but eat your hearts out.

    This is even better than another 0.6 mph needed to break 200.
  16. FlagstaffGT

    Superbowl 2011 Fast Five commercial

    Relax everyone. It's a Blue w/white stripe GT kit car (check out the extra hood vents) that is destroyed in the next Fast and Furious. (only red ones are really allowed to be trashed). You may have to look at the longer original trailer here.(
  17. FlagstaffGT

    What is it?

    Thought this could be entertaining (if not - moderators close it down). Guess the car in parts, rehab, or pieces.
  18. FlagstaffGT

    I can have my GT and eat it too.

    Daughter's Father's Day present. Bet the blue GT cake gets eaten the fastest too.
  19. FlagstaffGT

    GT now immortalized

    Apparently my wife (Arlette), had my dog (Sami), commissioned for a GT portrait. Not sure whether this was for me, her, my dog, or the GT. Anyway, it's entitled, Sami Busts a Move. The artist is Connie Townsend.
  20. FlagstaffGT

    The GT might be a hair behind the Veyron...

    Hope one of these links works: [URL=""]