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  1. NorthwoodGT

    Buyer Beware!!

    FYI: Just trying to make any members who may have purchased GT head lamps or other items on ebay from this seller: speedracer800 link to his items: the head lamps he is...
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  3. NorthwoodGT

    What Color and Paint Code?

    have a customer overseas that's wants to know what color and paint code this is? any info would be appreciated. thanx
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    Looking for GT40 Shoes

    Had a pop up on my phone which I think came thru facebook. they were GT40 embroidered shoes. has anyone seen these or know where they are to purchase? they were black low profile for $79.95. thanks
  5. NorthwoodGT

    Stay away from this guy!

    I bought these injectors from this guy on ebay. half of them are shorted and don't work plus doesn't have the right "O" rings even though they are shown. just sayin. had to send them back and got a whole lot of attitude...
  6. NorthwoodGT


    I'm stumped on this one. emergency flasher works on both left and right, front and rear so we know it's not a wiring issue. Left front turn signal and rear left turn signal work fine. Right front and right rear turn signal- NOTHING. had the GEM out a couple times for other issues. a wire pulled...
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    Carbon Fiber Wrapped Components

    please PM with any interests. thanks
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    Front Trunk Liner Retainers

    thanks to all
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    here is a list of the individual tape stripes that make up the 3 pc. lower tape stripes on each side of the car by ford part number. each piece can be ordered separately 2005-2006 FORD GT LOWER TAPE STRIPES 5G7Z 6320000-AAA EBONY RH FENDER 5G7Z 6320000-BAA EBONY RH DOOR 5G7Z...
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    Me and Carroll Shelby

    me and Carroll out driving my 68 Shelby convertible a few years back. of course he had to stop and talk to the pretty lady!!
  11. NorthwoodGT

    Ford GT Gauge for $75,000.00

    you have to check out this link on ebay. I think this guy might have been on some cat-nip for awhile! lol
  12. NorthwoodGT

    Tell boxer6 he better hide his orange GT !
  13. NorthwoodGT

    Car Show Trophy

    Milford, Michigan Car show 9/17/2017. While trophies are not something I covet as I get older, I did win a trophy called "THE FUZZ BUSTER AWARD". I asked what this was. Even the Milford Police take part in the fun, awarding the Fuzzbuster award for the car "officers would least want to have to...
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    Clamshell Secondary Latch Release Bar

    I know this is an old subject but for those newer GT owners, it's worth repeating. shown on my red car is a custom made secondary latch release bar sold by Rich Brooks at the GT Guy LLC. this takes the stretching out of the process for us old guys of reaching the far side release latch on the...
  15. NorthwoodGT

    Uh, what? ad reads: Car was in an accident in Nov. 2010 in Washington State. Washington State issued a rebuildable title. Title was lost in transit. Damage to GT was repaired by a perfectionist in Texas. Car is an awesome driver and restored...
  16. NorthwoodGT

    NGT at Caden's Charity Car Show

    This year marked the 4th. year that young Caden Bowle's life was celebrated at the C.S. Mott Childrens's Hospital on the campus of the University of Michigan Hospital. Caden's love and enthusiasm for cars was overwhelming and the pediatric heart research department started this charity car show...
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    Birthday Announcements ??

    While yes I know I'm older than probably 80% of the members on this forum, does anyone else NOT see the need for birthday announcements? I know it's been a staple on the forum for years but just kinda wondering if I'm alone on this or does everyone truly enjoy reading about other member's...
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    An Automotive Travesty!

    On a recent trip, I parked behind this car (car ??) An automotive travesty if I ever saw one! I thought for minute I was in the Toys R Us parking lot! lol
  19. NorthwoodGT

    Down River Cruise Saturday

    For those of you in the Michigan area, the down river cruise (Ft. Street) is this Saturday June 24. you are cordially invited to park in the lot I have reserved at Southgate Lincoln 16800 Fort St. in Southgate at Pennsylvania. I have the West lot of the driveway in front of the used car...
  20. NorthwoodGT

    Hot Rod Lincoln Supercar?

    Michigan is unique to the fact that we have all the big 3 right here and the GM proving grounds in Milford, Chrysler proving grounds in Chelsea and Ford proving grounds in Dearborn are all about 50 minutes away from each other with plenty of automotive designers, engineers and upper management...