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    Mass Inspection

    Those GT's registered in Mass. must now have the tech drive your car into the inspection bay. In the past I was allowed to do this myself. No More ! says Mass Vehicle Check. Not sure how some of you feel about the liablility and risk w/...
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    Lime Rock Historic racing / Labor Day weekend will host two GT 40's on the track. Richard Atwood of the UK will drive a 66 from the Collier collection. A most rare GT roaster will offer some lunch time fast laps Saturday and Monday. My white Ford GT will...
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    I plan to use my GT purchase , Drive to store , work etc. Parked in the drive today as I went off to town dump , do errands etc in my beater car. Guy shows up and knocks on door. Wife answers . He just moved up the street and has same year GT...
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    What is the purpose of the metal bracket mounted low to the rear bulkhead behind the passengers seat ? ' 06 1117