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  1. franimal007

    2013 Black Boss 302

    Does anyone have a 2013 Black Boss 302 Laguna Seca that they want or are considering selling?
  2. franimal007

    05 and 06 mud flaps

    Are 05 and 06 Stillen Mud flaps still available? I have searched all over and I don't want to take a chance and buy some truck mud flaps!
  3. franimal007

    FGT battery tender

    Where can I get a factory FGT battery tender?
  4. franimal007

    Procedure for Battery change

    Is there a written procedure or pictures how to change the battery in a 06 GT? Step by step process. From what I am seeing, it is not just disconnect the battery and put a new one in.......
  5. franimal007

    New car new stuff ?

    Not sure what to call things that were in the 06 GT from the factory. Things like plastic, hang tags, etc. Not looking to represent my car as still having this stuff, but just for show display. Also, not sure but I thought I saw somewhere that an owner can buy as per their car, all the packets...
  6. franimal007

    clamshell vents

    OK, I got it, I replaced the 4 vents that are on the top rear of the clamshell with aluminum ones, they look very very very cool! Has anyone ever honed out the inside vent area of the clamshell to make the center two wide vents functional? Why wouldn't they be functional so hot air can leave...
  7. franimal007

    Steering wheel

    Being a new FGT owner, 06, I am still getting used to it. Has anyone ever installed a slightly larger steering wheel? I am wondering if Ford makes a Mustang GT steering wheel that looks similar to the stock wheel. It seems like it would fit in and still have room enough to work. I just cannot...
  8. franimal007

    Leaving the trunk and clamshell open

    Just wondering, but after a nice ride out and about, I got my car back to my garage where I keep it and felt around and thought, wow this car is warm, so I opened the trunk, and the clamshell to let the hot air dissipate faster. When I was done with doing some stuff, I closed it up and left to...
  9. franimal007

    How to change the front turn signal bulb on the passenger or right side?

    I see many posts for the Driver's or left front side turn signal bulb, but none for the right side. How is this done?
  10. franimal007

    The clutch and my foot, and the floor mat? And something!

    I am a new owner of a 06 GT. Never driving the car before I bought it, I did make some mistakes. First off, I was not pushing the pedal all the way in, thus the car would not crank....LOL jokes on me! Then, went to move it off the street and into the garage, started out in 3rd.....Haha, another...
  11. franimal007

    Can someone tell me why this car is stuck in re-listville? I am just wondering why this car has not sold yet? I have been high bidder on a few cars on ebay and never met the reserve. This must mean that 05 and 06 FTG's have too high of a...
  12. franimal007

    Ford dealer in Upstate NY

    Can anyone direct me to a good, no GREAT Ford Dealer in UPSTATE New York? That would be the Binghamton area. Or surrounding area. Binghamton is about an hour south of Syracuse, about an hour away from Ithaca, (13 square miles surrounded by reality), and about an hour from "35,000 lbs of Bananas...
  13. franimal007

    How do I close a thread or post

    How do I delete a thread or post?
  14. franimal007

    No stories FGT wanted, 1967 Mustang K-code GT fastback for sale (FGT search)

    Looking for a Ford Dealer or a dealer or a person that knows 2005 or 2006 Ford GT's that has a good reputation on this forum of having no stories, no problem GT's in their stock for sale that is asking a realistic price for it. Does that exist? Talk to me! I am in the Upstate NY area. I have a...
  15. franimal007


    Is it me or can't I see? Where the double hockey sticks is the search?? i wanted to find something out and could not find the search option on here. I actually forgot what i was searching for! But whatever it was I did remember that I could not find it...
  16. franimal007

    Air bags

    This is 2019, if the air bags still have not been done on the car, can they still be done under the recall?
  17. franimal007

    Different color reds

    As I am looking for either a red or white Ford GT, I have noticed that people are calling their red cars by different names. Did they have different names for the 2 years? Did they change the tint or names through the year they were made? Just curious but, why didn't Ford use Wimbledon White...
  18. franimal007

    Anyone know

    Anyone know or looked at this car? Please PM or post. Thank you.
  19. franimal007

    McIntosh or for people that think its called Mac

    Reading a ton how people do not like their McIntosh systems. McIntosh is no in their 70th year and although they do not make car stereo anymore us who remember the best know McIntosh. I have several home McIntosh pieces, they are world class. Anyway enough for my comments. Anyone who might want...
  20. franimal007

    Wanted 2005 2006 Ford GT

    I would like to purchase a 2005 2006 Ford GT, looking for RED or WHITE, consider other colors maybe, but MUST have McIntosh and wheel option. Miles? Hit me up with what you got. I will be driving it. Please have everything that came with it, and (personal taste) no clear bra. No bad history...