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    GT Research and Development

    Thanks for sharing. Nice to see this kind of talent/capability being put to good use.
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    Canada Tungsten car in Woodbridge, Ontario

    Info on GT at Woodbridge Daytona Auto Center. From Shelby World Registry. VIN: 1FAFP90S86Y401548 2006 Tungsten Grey Macintosh Radio Silver Top and Side Stripes Optioned Grey Calipers Optioned Wheels Original Dealer: Freedom Ford, Norfolk, Virginia
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    Looking for Tungsten FGT

    Force x distance = work. Decreasing the distance (short shift), increases the force proportionately. For those that have trouble with hard shifting, a short shift will make it noticeably harder. Or, vice-versa, going from a short shift to stock will make it easier.
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    FGT Oil Pump Drive Belt

    This might be helpful. A post from last Dec so prices/supply have changed.
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    New Wipers

    Napa, Oreilly, etc. See post below for part numbers. Google the Trico part number, see many vendors.
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    Ticking sound?

    This is probably more than you wanted, but I always wondered where the AC cycling switch was located. And, I am learning how to post images. Looks like this worked. Location of two AC switches identified in red.
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    Ticking sound?

    Sounds like it is in or behind the dash, only when the AC switch is on? Sounds like an A/C cycling solenoid switching/clicking on and off?
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    Car wash advice

    Interesting you mention old cotton diapers. I have used those forever for removing car wax. I have recently switched to using the awesome plush microfiber that I noted above. My diapers are a bit worn out.
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    Car wash advice

    "Quality" micro fiber is great. Take a look at GriotsGarage "Microfiber Plush Edgeless Towels, Set of 6". Very plush and soft. I prefer cotton, dries the car better than synthetics. My wife checked out all the cotton towels as she went to the stores. Here is a very soft plush cotton towel...
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    Fuel gauge troubleshoot

    Great analysis and report. Very interesting and informative. Thanks much. The generally accepted assumption is that this failure is due to some type of rapid voltage fluctuation applied to the gauge. Given your review, do you think this could have caused the failure? Sounds like you think...
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    Bubbling paint on calipers near bleeding screws

    Prior to wet rag, great idea, I never thought of. After you close the bleed screw, the screw body remains full of brake fluid, which can migrate past the rubber cap onto the caliper. Take an air nozzle and blow out the residual fluid. Put a rag all around to catch the fluid blow out.
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    New guy in FL searching for red or silver 05/06

    Congratulations. You have to drive it, not very fun only looking at it. I have one (not GT) car with only 10 miles, under cover. When I have time, it is going down the road and being replaced with a driver. However, if you have a museum type shop, no miles cars would be great to show. I had...
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    Fuel gauge troubleshoot

    That baby should work great. Hook 'er up and let us know what you see. A lot of those for sale on eBay, the word "vintage" is used in the description on a few. Vacuum tube? Vacuum tubes were hard to find 20-40 years ago. I understand they now are plentiful due to the resurgence in demand...
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    Fuel gauge troubleshoot

    Your gauge may have been reading correctly, given the 2.4 volt signal from the gauge control module (GCM). Here is a possible assessment of why: The Ford service manual lists the communication from the GCM to all gauges as a signal and as a PWM. PWM usually means Pulse Width Modulation (duty...
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    Fuel gauge troubleshoot

    Here is a link to Autometer on operation of their aircore. They mention bad grounds as a common problem. Sound familiar? With the gauge connected and powered up, you may want to check the voltage between the ground at the back of gauge connection and a very good car chassis ground. This will...
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    Clamshell Spring Stops/Openers

    You sold your car just in time.
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    Clamshell Spring Stops/Openers

    Quite the dilema on a delivery mileage car. Replace it with OEM that will crumble after a few heat/cool cycles or not-OEM.
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    Photos of the day we bought our Ford GT's.

    Always wanting more performance, 850 HP Super Snake. 2014 GT500 is way quicker than the GT, but the GT far out manuvers the GT500's. I think I will leave the GT with the pulley and tune at 650 HP. I have a couple of HP Jeep CJ builds that I am working on now. But, when those get finished...
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    Photos of the day we bought our Ford GT's.

    In May, 2019 I decided to make a GT purchase, with full support of my wife, YAY!!! I searched the country for options. Picked four cars to look at in the southwest US. Laid out my car inspection tour, bought airline tickets and was on my way. I was definitely not going to buy the first GT and...