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    Help from Miami

    I have purchased a 2013 leguna seca mustang from Miami and need to transport to Kansas City Missouri, Looking for a national carrier or someone heading this way with enclosed trailer. Please pm me if anyone can help. Anyone living in Florida that knows of a carrier would be very helpful...
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    Tire Purchase

    Who has bought new street tires in the last month or so? What sizes, brand, and price did find that would work? Thanks Mike
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    WTB 38' to 40' gooseneck trailer

    I am looking for an enclosed race trailer to haul some of my cars around to events with. If you have one for sale or know of one, let me know. I am in the Kansas City Missouri area. Thanks Mike
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    New Toy Found It's Way Home

    I purchased it new in 2001, then sold it to a friend of mine not too long after....then he sold it...then I bought it back. 2001 Viper GTS with 1500 miles! Mike
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    Look what I picked up!

    Check out my new garage art. What do you think? Mike
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    WTS 32" Triple Axle race trailer

    Interstate trailer fully loaded. Heat/Air Conditioning, 4000lb winch to pull car in, L shaped cabinets on floor, cabinets above floor cabinets, 110 volt lighting as well as 12v lighting, power awning, e track on walls and floor, mag wheels, 5200lb axles (3), coin floor with finished walls and...
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    Chrome door sills

    My 05 FGT has some scuffing on the chrome as you enter the car on the door jam. Has anyone found a way to polish them back up without making this issue worse? Looking for ideas! Mike
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    How to remove the front bumper?

    I have two small chips on the front bumper of my GT. Wanting to get it refinished but don't want to paint it on the car. Looking for some tips or advice on taking it off. I want to carry it into the paint shop instead of letting them take it off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
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    Ford GT clothing

    Just curious. Does anyone here do screening for T-shirts or make hats. I have owned many different cars and it seems hardest to find GT things. Whether it is T-shirts, golf shirts, or anything else there doesn't seem to be much to pick from. Anyone know if I'm not looking in the right place...
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    Great Day

    Sunny and 65 in Kansas City today. The GT and the sun are out! What a great day for November! Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    Electric Heater (s) for garage

    Anyone using electric heaters for the garage. Got a 1600 square foot garage and I want to run electric heat. I've seen gas heaters hang from cieling. Any ideas. Gas line is too far from detached garage. Thanks Mike
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    Going rate for a fgt oil change

    Just curious on what everyone is paying for an oil change. It took me two and a half hours to do my own. I wanted to do it the first time for the experience but I am curious what everyone pays. Mike Anderson
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    WTB Enclosed Trailer

    Must be FGT friendly. Needs roadside escape door so getting in and out is easy. Mike Anderson (816) 729-3927
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    Enclosed Trailer?

    Anyone have an enclosed trailer for sale? Mike Anderson (816)729-3927
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    Any suggestions on an enclosed trailer?

    Looking to buy an enclosed trailer for my GT. Anyone have one that they are impressed with. Worried about the load angle and also a side door to get in and out of car. Thinking about a 24' trailer. Thanks for you input Mike Anderson
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    best aftermarket exhaust for the money

    I own a GT with factory exhaust. I also have a customer who wants to change his exhaust. What is the best value on the market. I might add, he wants to change the exhaust to help get the heat out of the engine bay. Thanks in advance Mike Anderson
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    Is it just me?

    I've owned many cars that have held my money. The Ford GT is is however the newiest. Most were collectable when I bought them already, the risk really wasn't that big other than the economy. The GT for being such a newer car, not only seems to be holding its own but increasing rapidly even...
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    How to find the rotation number

    Anyone have an idea on how or where to look to find the rotation number of a FGT. My firs GT was a 2005 vin # 1814 and rotation number was 1749. My other GT is an 05 vin# 1599. Looking to find its rotation number. An yes, I know it will be around 1500 to 1600. lol Thanks for any help Mike
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    Glad to be back!

    After selling my Yellow/ black GT 3 years ago, I have found a White/blue Gt. It will be here Tuesday or Wednesday. Next time I start thinking about selling, someone make me remember what it is like not to have one and how hard it is to find a nice low mileage GT. Glad to be back Mike
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    Reproduction Window Sticker

    Anyone know if the window sticker is being reproduced or if anyone knows how this could be done. Many cars out there no longer have the sticker. Just curious. Mike Anderson