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  1. FlorIdaho Chris

    WTB - FR500S & Boss302S

    $2K per day is not a bad price. Do you know if they put fresh slicks on the car for the day? I used to rent a Panoz GT for $5K/weekend, and that was not for unlimited laps...
  2. FlorIdaho Chris

    Ford GT Rally 7 - "OFFICIAL WEBSITE": Register, Agenda, Hotel Booking and More

    The hotel registration link doesn't appear to be working.
  3. FlorIdaho Chris

    US Airways Hudson Jepp Plate

    Seriously funny. Thanks for sharing!
  4. FlorIdaho Chris

    Windshield Skin Report

    +1 on the Proline. Thanks again Stormy.
  5. FlorIdaho Chris

    My Zero's First Flight!

    I agree completely with Chip on the need for real tail dragger (actually called "conventional gear") experience. In fact it is not even legal to fly a conventional gear aircraft without an FAA approved instructor sign off. Many old timer pilots like my dad don't even think you're a real pilot...
  6. FlorIdaho Chris

    2013 gt500

    Are you really trying to put that on me? [You're welcome!]
  7. FlorIdaho Chris

    2013 gt500

    I have only seen photos of the new blue. I will need to check it out in the flesh. My second choice is white w stripe delete. With black wheels and tinted out windows it would look great.
  8. FlorIdaho Chris

    2013 gt500

    I have a dealer allocation slot. Mine will be a coupe in dark blue metallic with black stripes. Performance and track pack. Should be fun.
  9. FlorIdaho Chris

    Rally Scheduled

    I'm in! Can't wait.
  10. FlorIdaho Chris

    4 post lift for a GT

    I have owned four Rotary lifts; three US built and one Chinese. All professionally installed. Never a problem.
  11. FlorIdaho Chris

    Is it really January?

    Apologies to Steve, but THIS is how we roll in Far North Idaho.
  12. FlorIdaho Chris

    Delivery of my new Ford GT

    Congrats! I'll bet if you pack those cars in a bit tighter you can fit one more of something in there...
  13. FlorIdaho Chris

    TWO BIRTHDAYS! - Floridaho Chris and FUBAR!

    Thanks Guys. Damn these years sure go by fast now!
  14. FlorIdaho Chris

    FORD GTs in the lower mainland BC , Canada

    Any of you guys get farther east in southern BC? I have my GT up in Nelson and Creston on a semi-regular basis.
  15. FlorIdaho Chris

    Another 'What do you do for a living' thread.

    I second what Skyrex posted above. I learned more from going broke twice than I ever would have otherwise. The turtle wins the race every time; plodding and relentless. Plan to get rich slow, your chances of success will go up exponentially. Always live within your means. Avoid debt like...
  16. FlorIdaho Chris

    A.J Baime - Author of Go Like Hell - at FGT Rally VI!

    The book is well worth a read. I'll be bringing my copy for him to sign!
  17. FlorIdaho Chris

    Robertson Racing Ford GT on podium at Le Mans!!

    We need to invite these guys to the rally!
  18. FlorIdaho Chris

    Tail of the Dragon

    I have done it in a Lotus Exige which was way fun. My opinion is it is too tight to enjoy in the GT, particularly with the way the A pillars interfere with vision during tight turns.
  19. FlorIdaho Chris

    Ford GT Rally 6 *Registration* - Who's in!!!

    78 days and counting. Can't wait!