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  1. FlorIdaho Chris

    While supercar world awaited Acura NSX, nobody saw Ford GT coming

    I still remember years ago when the NSX was first introduced. I thought it was a nice looking car so I went to the local Acura dealer in SFL because I wanted to see one firsthand. They had a red NSX roped off in the showroom. I asked if I might be allowed to get inside the ropes to have a...
  2. FlorIdaho Chris

    Can anyone help me with placing a deposit?

    Now that's an understatement Jeff. You'd see 50K for about a nano second on your way to 100k!
  3. FlorIdaho Chris

    Rally 10 Dates

    Neither. CJ2 I sold the CJ2 for a 2+ in 2007
  4. FlorIdaho Chris

    Here's my final question...

    I have an unfair advantage. No wife...
  5. FlorIdaho Chris

    Rally 10 Dates

    Ah the good old days. On the way to Rally 1! Now we just need Manny to check in...
  6. FlorIdaho Chris

    What will Ford Race at LeMans?

    So how much do you want to wager Tim? Dinner and a Maker's Mark @ Rally X? My money is on the new GT at Le Mans.
  7. FlorIdaho Chris

    Here's my final question...

    I'll take one of each :wink
  8. FlorIdaho Chris

    Rally 10 Dates

    I guess we can all understand what this statement was referring to now!
  9. FlorIdaho Chris

    Live Feed: 2015 NAIAS Ford Event 01/12/15 9:00 AM EST

    Sweet. Now let's earn it some heritage and Eco Boost respect by winning at Le Mans! I'll bet those engineers working on the mid-engine 'Vette are wetting their pants.
  10. FlorIdaho Chris

    Happy Birthday, FlorIdaho Chris

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sucks to get old, but GTs help keep you young! See everyone in 'Vegas next month. Yes GTJack, there is another road rally in 'Vegas. Harder this time and less "Googleable"...
  11. FlorIdaho Chris

    Vegas Cooking/Dining Event - Ladies Option - Non-Car Event

    My Sig-O Crissy is in! Watch for check in the mail.
  12. FlorIdaho Chris

    Ford GT Shirts

    Just ordered a shirt. I think it was number 100, so it looks like we're over the threshold now.
  13. FlorIdaho Chris

    Ford GT National Rally 9 *REGISTRATION* Who's in?

    I'm in. I'm planning to bring the red Camillo/Heffner GT that was auctioned at the last 'Vegas rally!
  14. FlorIdaho Chris

    It's Fubar's Birthday!

    Happy birthday Mark! Fishing? Fresh water or salt?
  15. FlorIdaho Chris

    Happy Birthday Floridaho Chris!

    Thanks guys. Look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!
  16. FlorIdaho Chris

    Enough Said

    Here are a few links to help you out: USA is fat: USA is stupid: If you feel compelled to subtract the two US bronze medals in male synchronized diving for some reason go ahead, the US still tops the count...
  17. FlorIdaho Chris

    Enough Said

    Enough said.
  18. FlorIdaho Chris

    Best Roadster?

    I had one of those for several years. Yes, it was fast, but it was also heavy. It was a great highway cruiser but just didn't offer the same driving experience as my Z8. As a driver I felt somewhat detached form the car. And, as you know the MB is only offered with an automatic. The...
  19. FlorIdaho Chris

    New Orleans Rally - Wife Option

    Hmmmm, "Wife Option"? If this is open to non-wives as well (i.e.girlfriends) :wink then please hold a slot for Crissy.
  20. FlorIdaho Chris

    Best Roadster?

    I'll second the Z8 vote. I bought mine new in 2001. It is still worth what I paid for it. Wonderful car with soul. Like GT owners, there are a number of Z8 owners that own multiple cars.