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  1. FlorIdaho Chris

    Photos Start on page 4 - AZ Ford vs Ferrari Party/Rally Drive/Premire

    Just booked us for three nights at the Mountain Shadows. Thanks so much for setting this up!!
  2. FlorIdaho Chris

    2020 GT500 @ 760 Hp

    I'm getting mine from Wynne Ford in Hampton VA. He only got one allocation. Since I bought my first GT from him new in 2005, he has been good about giving me access to his one off allocations. I have probably bought a dozen Mustangs, cars, trucks and my NFGT from him over the past decade plus.
  3. FlorIdaho Chris

    Anyone else out there into boats?

    You guys need to get some real horse power. 725 per side...
  4. FlorIdaho Chris

    2020 GT500 @ 760 Hp

    I've got one reserved, just waiting for the order window to open.
  5. FlorIdaho Chris

    Removing wheel covers on standard wheels

    I found that wearing some rubber gloves really helps with grip when you are trying to turn the hub. YRMV
  6. FlorIdaho Chris

    K040 Heritage exists! Multimatic pilgrimage complete

    I still remember when I first met Fred. We got talking about your place in Texas. As I recall he said he drove a fair ways off pavement to get to the house. I was speechless! A Ford GT driven on dirt/gravel?!! He just smiled and said he bought the car to enjoy, and not to keep nice for the...
  7. FlorIdaho Chris

    Not exactly what everybody else has been posting lately, but...

    I'm guessing my old truck will last far longer than we will. I seem to be wearing out faster and faster these days! That is one beautiful '5 Chip. Have you ever thought of dropping some more coin on it and painting it to match your GTs? What's another $15K after you've already dropped a...
  8. FlorIdaho Chris

    Heritage 2X Delivery Video

    Sweet. I can't wait!
  9. FlorIdaho Chris

    Not exactly what everybody else has been posting lately, but...

    I am really fighting the urge to "over-restore". I really want to drive this thing all the time and not worry about it. I have enough iron sitting around that doesn't get driven because I'm too proud of it!
  10. FlorIdaho Chris

    Not exactly what everybody else has been posting lately, but...

    F250 High Boy OK, so I caught the old truck bug last summer. I bought (and have been working on) a 1968 F250 4x4. These trucks were known as "High Boys" since they came lifted from the factory. For those interested, I have a build thread going (lots of pictures) on an old truck forum that...
  11. FlorIdaho Chris

    New Ford GT at the Los Angeles Auto Show

    Beautiful indeed! Much better looking than the Pebble car.
  12. FlorIdaho Chris

    #0045 Home safe and sound in Texas

    Congratulations Tommy! Beautiful car. Will you bring her to the rally?
  13. FlorIdaho Chris

    Stormtrooper #56 Debut Party !!

    Wish I could be there Stormy. Unfortunately still out west in Idaho. I guess I'll just have to wait until the rally. :frown Will you have her "lit up" by then?
  14. FlorIdaho Chris

    Top Gear - Ford GT Review 4/2/17

    Yeah, sounded great. It was cool to see the wing aero-brake. 0-60 3 seconds. Can't wait!
  15. FlorIdaho Chris

    Top Gear - Ford GT Review 4/2/17

    Thank you London IP via VPN. On next after robot wars...
  16. FlorIdaho Chris

    Thursday February 16th, 2017

    I am F'ng speechless... Ever tried to load this post and all the pics off a Bahamian cell phone connection? Took me over an hour, probably spent $1K in data charges. Worth every penny. Oh baby, I can't wait!
  17. FlorIdaho Chris

    Watch Your Inbox

    I got my letter. Seriously happy!!!!
  18. FlorIdaho Chris

    Rally 10 Cooking Class!

    Hey Bill- You know Crissy is in! Thanks for Jennifer and your initiative on this. See you in next month. -Chris
  19. FlorIdaho Chris

    Going up to see this Creation !!

    So Stormy, have you seen the car yet? What are your thoughts now that you've seen it in person?
  20. FlorIdaho Chris

    2015 Mustang pricing in Denmark

    So Anders, the taxes are not broken out on the invoice? Is there no way to know what the price is without tax?