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    Sergio Marchionne has died

    FCA former CEO, who just stepped down last weekend, has died.
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    Cena Settles With Ford

    So silly. Don’t know what motivated him.
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    How About The 3rd Place LeMans 1966 GT40For Your Collection?

    I’m thinking $7-9,000,000? Maybe more?
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    $70MM GTO

    That’s a lot of floor mats!!!
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    ZR1 Pace Car crashed

    Major League F-up:
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    May Need A Car Delivered, Looking For Shipping Co

    OK guys, I’m down to 2 GT350s in this long search, but both are in locations that are: 1. Not close to a major airport. 2. Basically, the middle of nowhere. I’m wondering if anyone has enclosed shippers they recommend to bring to me in Barrington, IL from either Pittsville, MD or Carthage, NY...
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    Wrecked Mac 720 In Vegas Desert

    Wasn’t me! But how hard can it be to find the owner?
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    Questions About GT350 Oil Consumption

    Any owners of the current GT350 experiencing dramatic oil consumption? I’m considering a new 2017 for a substantial discount off MSRP, but I’ve read some cars had real issues with using oil. Any input greatly appreciated.
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    Cobra Or GT 40 Successor @ Amelia Island
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    Another Reason To Never Valet Your Supercar

    This one should go under the heading on Ya Can’t Make This XXXX Up!
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    Grand Tour Ford Vs Ferrari

    Great stuff, hope it’s not a repost:
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    Automobile Magazine Best Cars Review

    Some nice praise on the NGT:
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    I Can’t Believe This 0-100 Times! As a guy who had a 2008 E63 Wagon (which may have been the stealthiest near supercar performer available at the time), I just can’t believe how far turbos have pushed the...
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    Joe Macura & Making A 427 Sideoiler run 7000+

    Fascinating article on FE engine designs & improvements:
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    New Bullitt?

    For 2018? 50th anniversary of the movie:
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    What Would Henry Ford Say?

    2017 GT in any color you want!
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    Ken Block @ Pikes Peak

    Let's be clear. This guy has a screw loose!
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    GT40 Roadster @ LeMans

    Sorry if a repost, but watch the vids (although I doubt you'll understand a word the guy says in the 2nd vid). The sound on the old girl is incredible:
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    McLaren F1 For Sale In US!

    Here you go guys, the greatest street car ever for sale in the old US of A!!!
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    Wall Street Journal