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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    I’m not trying to be a homer here, but the Bug does nothing for me. Both of my sons are impressed by the Bugatti’s stats, but aesthetically? Nothin’ I can’t find a NFGT that doesn’t impress; visually, mechanically, just a killer car.
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    Pirelli World Challenge Cruise

    “I made sure I wore the most obnoxious Ford shirt I own” That’s hysterical. A lot of Ferrari folks have no sense of humor for that kind of stuff.
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    And Hennessey too!
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    New Shelby GT500(?)

    Apparently, lots of Ford news today:
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    This took my breath away!
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    That thing will stop traffic wherever you take it! Congrats!
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    Toyo R888 R’s
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    What I found most interesting about this column is the age variance of buyers, & they’re all spending big $$$:
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    For History Buffs: Ford/de Tomaso problems with ZF over Pantera transmissions

    This makes me wonder if Ford had to micro manage/rebuild the GT40 units. I know the ZF 5 speed couldn’t handle the 427’s torque, but the 68 & 69 small block cars were ZF units, and I don’t recall any quality issues when they won LeMans back to back.
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    Cobra Or GT 40 Successor @ Amelia Island
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    Gt 40 Mark IV to be Auctioned

    Gooding estimate of $2.5MM?
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    This took my breath away!

    Most recent Hemings article about it:
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    Newly restored Pantera makes its debut...

    Nice job on the custom luggage boot too.
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    So Mr Nair Wasn't The Only Delivery on February 10th

    Just gorgeous. Congratulations.
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    Saturday February 10th - Special Delivery - J001

    You tease, you!
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    Ranger Raptor - News from down under

    I can’t see the diesel being only U.S. engine.
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    Selling really well too:
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    Fun Ford Perfornance Video

    What’s the fighting weight of the GT racecar?
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    two questions - Dave Kindig / Rally videos

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Fun Ford Perfornance Video

    That was impressive, and really fun to watch. The steering wheel on the race GT is really something.