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    Next Gen Corvette Rumors

    Not to steal the thread, but I always thought Ford kind of gave up on the Cleveland, outside of the Pantera. I know the timing of the engine’s introduction was poor, basically the end of the performance era, but Chevy really promoted tons of parts and add ons in the dead 70s. Windsor parts were...
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    Next Gen Corvette Rumors

    “When cheap is job #1 I won't even mention how much architecture is lifted from the 351 Cleveland.” Preach Brother! Let it rip!
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    New Shelby GT500(?)
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    0-180 in the new Ford GT

    What’s the break in protocol for a NFGT?
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    Free at last

    “I asked my father when you stop supporting your kids. His simple answer - when you die. “ Truth...
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    May Need A Car Delivered, Looking For Shipping Co

    Thanks gents. Haven’t finalized, Pittsville got snapped up, but now have a shot at an Avalanche in OK.
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    May Need A Car Delivered, Looking For Shipping Co

    OK guys, I’m down to 2 GT350s in this long search, but both are in locations that are: 1. Not close to a major airport. 2. Basically, the middle of nowhere. I’m wondering if anyone has enclosed shippers they recommend to bring to me in Barrington, IL from either Pittsville, MD or Carthage, NY...
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    Wrecked Mac 720 In Vegas Desert

    Wasn’t me! But how hard can it be to find the owner?
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    Mass Inspection

    I think I would politely tell them to go perform an unnatural act. Is this the emissions test? In IL, the owner drives into the inspection bay. It’s pretty cut and dry.
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    50 years between cars but still the same DNA

    I never liked the MK llls when I was a kid, but after seeing that car at Road America in 2009, it’s growing on me. I still prefer the Mk l design, but that car in the flesh is pretty impressive.
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    Electric cars and the impact on the environment

    WSJ today:
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    Gt 40 Mark IV to be Auctioned

    Went for just under $2MM, a lot more than I thought it would.
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    Faster At Le Mans: Race Car or Street Car?

    Thanks for that article. It makes me all the more envious and jealous of you guys that get the NGT. But... IMHO, that factory blue is the best color I’ve seen; no offense guys.
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    2018 Mustang Cobra Jet

    Nice write up in Hemmings:
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    Next Gen Corvette Rumors

    True enough! I remember going with my oldest brother to a local Mercury dealer in 1971 & seeing a white Pantera in the showroom. For 1971, in an LM dealer, it may as well have been a Saturn rocket. The price? About $9000. A comparable 454 Vette was give or take $6000. To say that my brother...
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    Next Gen Corvette Rumors

    1970s? Hell, somewhere, someplace around here, I have a late 1960s Motor Trend with a LeMans Blue “Astro Vette” on the cover. The car featured a hydraulic cammed 427, (read mild, ~390 horse) and a Powerglide (or as we used to refer to them, a Slip N Slide) 2 speed transmission. So while Ford...
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    New Shelby GT500(?)

    Automobile Mag pix:
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    Questions About GT350 Oil Consumption

    Any owners of the current GT350 experiencing dramatic oil consumption? I’m considering a new 2017 for a substantial discount off MSRP, but I’ve read some cars had real issues with using oil. Any input greatly appreciated.
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    And more Aviator news. If it looks as good as it does here, they’ll be selling like hot cakes: