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    Matech headed to Chicago for event this weekend, anyone going?

    Thanks for posting all those pix. I didn't think there'd be that much Ford iron there.
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    Matech headed to Chicago for event this weekend, anyone going?

    I had no idea that Dana Mecum owned that early GT40 roadster. Business must be good. Very good.
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    $60mm gto I always liked the GTOs, but $60MM? Wow.
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    SCG 003S - Glikenhaus Street Racer

    You're a gentleman & a scholar.:thumbsup
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    SCG 003S - Glikenhaus Street Racer

    Cool, but frankly I'd rather see more pictures of JG's GT40 Mk IV.
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    Mustang GT4 Debuts at SEMA

    "A lightweight, compact six-speed Holinger paddle shift transmission delivers proven race durability with direct-pneumatic activation for fast, positive and consistent gear shifts. The GT4 powertrain also carries a dry sump oiling system, ZF-developed twin-plate racing clutch and flywheel."...
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    Liquid Blue Find (Somewhat related)

    I like this one even better:
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    How Nuts Is This? Bentley Sport Ute < 9 secs 0-100

    They remind me of fighter jets off a carrier due to the lack of engine noise & wheel spin.
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    How Nuts Is This? Bentley Sport Ute < 9 secs 0-100

    Here's another acceleration stat that's mind numbing; the new FOUR cylinder Boxster, 0-100 in 8.5 seconds! I must be getting old....
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    Lutz on Musk

    I have no horse in this race, but I found this interesting.
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    How Nuts Is This? Bentley Sport Ute < 9 secs 0-100

    Remember how incredible the GT's acceleration #s were of 0-100 in 8 seconds? Well, the new Bentley Bentayga, all 5700 lbs of it, does 0-100 in 8.9 (C&D 11/16). Wow.
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    Lola GT in today's WSJ.

    Eddie: That's an early T70? It doesn't have the twin covered lights, no?
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    Help on pricing for a Safir GT40

    FWIW, I know of 2 Mk Vs in Ohio, one not even completed, for $350,000 (the incomplete car will be finished for that price), but $250,000 & change? I would've been tempted to import that car.
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    GT350R street price

    Tim: Did you have a gun in your hand? I recently passed on TP 17 GT350 @$500 UNDER list, but the Rs around here are still $20G over.
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    Help on pricing for a Safir GT40

    Sold last week for about $257,000 at time of sale, a relative bargain for a car like this:
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    GT350 To Get Dual Clutch Auto

    And continue the model into 2018-19?!?!
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    All Ford car show today

    Was the Lorenzen Galaxie the real deal? I saw a nearly perfect recreation on the southwest side of Chicago about 30 years ago. Lorenzen had retired from racing and was a real estate agent in Oak Brook, and the guy who owned the car was hoping to show it to him. This car could be the same one.
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    New F Car Sold Out

    Even @ $2MM+/pop:
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    2016 Car & Driver Lightning Lap 10

    WADR, the Z/28 is a one dimensional track car. No one, and I mean no one drives one on the street, unless he/she is a real true believer. Yes, the GT350 should be lighter, but you're still comparing apples to oranges when one has a 7 liter push rod small block that makes torque down low vs a...
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    Tampa Bay Area Road Rally

    "R8 was pretty cool. Or, more accurately "so sick and Dope as f��k." :) Artist and owner are from Tampa. I assumed it was a wrap, but apparently it is paint." Yeah, because that's what I want to see painted on my $100,000+ car; a picture of a seven year old smoking a cig and holding a bag of cash.