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    GT pull behind trailer and hitch on e-bay

    I am selling my pull behind trailer and custom hitch I used behind my 06 GT. This trailer and hitch works fantastic. Mounts between rear frame rails and rear bumper reinforcement bar with original bolts. No drilling needed. Item number, 191426624934, check it out...
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    Oil Level

    Not meaning to ask the stupidest question ever, but when is it correct to check the oil level? When the engine is off and the oil has had a chance to drain down, if it does at all being a dry sump system? Or when it is at an idle? After changing the oil and installing 9.5 qts when the engine...
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    GT pull behind trailer

    I thought I would share a photo of my latest project. I'm sure many will not agree that pulling a trailer behind a GT just isn't right and is against God's law but then again why not? My wife and I would like to take the car on weekend outings but no where to store overnight bags so this was...
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    Pull behind trailer

    Has anyone attached a small pull behind trailer to their GT yet? I would like to take mine on over night trips but have no way to carry extra cloths and etc. Any hitch devices devised yet? Jan.
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    Cool GT photo

    I just wanted to share a cool photo a friend of mine done for me of my yellow 06 Ford GT. I can pass on information for yours too if interested. [email]
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    Engine oil

    I am finally ready to change the oil on my 06 GT. Are most of you guys using what is recommended in the owners manual or is there other options more suitable like Mobil 1 ? Also what's your thoughts and or part numbers for the oil filter? Jan. PS how do you like my coffee table?