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    New license plate, no time to waste...

    My current plate: L'MANS x4 however, with the new win, I just ordered a new plate, L'MANS x5 No time to waste..., go order your new plate!!
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    Star Wars has Force Awaken, but we have Fords Awaken....

    Just rec'd my on-line EVO, nice to see an article about the GT's return to Le Mans. Cheers, Ed
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    Need corral parking ticket for the Monterey Historic at Laguna Seca in August, help..

    Hi Does anyone have connection to help me purchase a corral parking tix at the Historic? thx Ed
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    How to identify the "engine #" for my GT?

    Hi I'm in process to complete an application to a car show...., in addition to the chassis #, the application asks for Engine #... Would someone advise where might I find such info on my car? thx GTED
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    Need help in Boston/Lynnfield, MA area, please....

    Hi Boston/Lynnfield FGT-friends Would anyone in the area help me to check out a Mercedes SLS GT in Lynnfield for me? If so, please pm me or my cel is 415-218-0049. Basically, I'd like someone to do a test drive, look closely on the condition of the exterior/interior for...
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    Shipping our GTs to Europe for the 2016 Le Mans Classic

    Hi all I was so impressed with Francis and our European GT friends' gathering at this year's Le Mans Classic, I mentioned here that I'd start looking into the logistics of potentially shipping the U.S. GTs over for the 2016 event to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the GT40's win. I've...
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    The EVO Final

    A nice pleasant surprise..., I clicked on my iPad EVO magazine, and there list the headline article: The EVO Final. For the 200th issue of the magazine, it decided to pick the best driver car within the magazine's 200 issues history. It pick 4 cars from each of the "car groups"; admittedly, I...
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    Code P0171; P0174; and P1000

    Hi I've searched the forum and know what code p1000 is (readiness test), but does anyone know what P0171 and P0174 mean? Here is the situation, 2 weeks ago I had to "return to stock tune" as I needed to get the GT smogged, and as usual, I'd need to drive the car for ~50 miles for the ecu to...
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    A big thanks and a shoutout to a great asset to our community!!

    After 100 miles with the wife for some nice driving (the GT runs flawlessly as always for all these years) BBQ oysters, wine, and long chat with about 25 Harley riders about American pride in our bikes and GT....., I was about a mile from home and decided to fill up the tank before I get home...
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    Backlight in dashboard

    Hi Has anyone had this happen'd to them? I was driving the GT last night, all was well..., then, about a couple of miles from home, the dash' backlight went out, but all the gauges continue to be working ( thank god..). I proceeded to flip the on/off switch with no avail, while driving home...
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    Rocker Panels

    Hi All, Two questions. Has anyone noticed if your rocker panels just in front of the rear wheel have a small indentation or two? Does anyone have a diagram from the shop manual showing how the rocker panels are anchored on the car? I have 2 tiny dents on the driver side and one on the...
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    Has anyone re-wrap their Heritage GT?

    I'm considering to have the front of my GT re-wrapped after 7 years, and wondering if wrap shops would have problems with the black "outline" tape bording the organge stripes and with the roundel and # when removing the existing wrap.... Has anyone re-wrap their Heritage? If so, was there any...
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    Are racing gas dirtier than normal 91 octane pump gas?

    I just found out ican get 100 octane fuel by VP Within 15 minutes from my house. The question is...., is 100 octane racing gas dirtier than 91 octane from, say Chevron or Shell? I got a tankful and changed the tune earlier, woohoo....!! If the VP 100 octane would clog the fuel filter...
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    Dear DBK, I want to come to play at the Rally!

    Hi Dave, Better late than never....., sent you a PM yesterday, please advise. Thx! GTED
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    Big HP and lack driving skills.... bad combo

    Has anyone seen this? One would think people have the wherewithal to drive a car like this would clearly know to only go WOT with the front wheels pointing straight!! Or, unless having similar drifting skill like Seb Leob.... Damn. GTED
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    Reputation of Driving Emotions at West Palm Beach, FL

    Hi Has anyone delt with Driving Emotions at West Palm Beach, FL? Wondering what's their reputation. They have a car I might consider. thx GTED
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    Dianose the cause(s) for rear wheels hops during hard braking on my Ariel Atom3 300

    Hi all With all the technical gurus we have here on our Forum, I'm hopeful I can get better educated on this than other forums. What would be the likely causes for the rear wheels to hop, and a few sparks from left front wheel during hard braking? I was out testing my in-cockpit remote brake...
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    Another famous owner of our GT

    Here i am watching the show called Space Dive on the National Geo HD channel; it is about the recent records breaking space dive in excess of the speed of sound from the edge of space by Felix Baumgartner...... At about 56th minute of the show...., he came out from parking his red FGT, with a...
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    I didn't realize that the day has come, and we soon can name that "tune"...

    We've all heard jokes about soon with all the electric and hybrid cars coming on line, soon they'll add the exhaust note as part of the car's audio systems..... Check this out!! Apparently, it's been here since last year!!! Who among us has a new VW or a new M5? What does it sound like...
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    News: Death Race Caravan, escorted by LEO...., then I saw this!

    Belongs to anyone here?