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    Brake Rotor Rust?

    I have an 06 model and recently I noticed that the brake rotors develop a rust like look on the surface of all 4 rotors even though the car is kept in a climate controlled building. If I take the car out and apply the brakes at speed, maybe 70 or 80 the surface becomes shiny clean. Let the car...
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    Engine Oil Pump Leak?

    Has anyone had a engine oil pump show signs of a leak? Ford tells me that there have been many orders submitted for engine oil pump replacement and they have to be special ordered? Did a search and could not find anything related to the oil pump.
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    2006 Ford GT Midnight Blue For Sale

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    MOVED Posting??

    DBK: Where did my post on the Automotive News article ( half shafts ) get moved to??
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    Half Shaft Progress?

    DBK: Have you heard back from anyone at Ford on the information you provided about the half shaft failures?
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    Half shaft Repair Kits

    The wait is over. Repair kits for the Half shaft/transaxel problem have arrived at my dealership in Florida. Noticed on the package that they cam from Riccardo in the UK!
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    Tips on Changing tire

    Noticed that right rear tire has a small screw in the tread and its does show some bubbling when water is poured on it. Anything special I should know prior to having the tire changed? I am going to replace with new even though it only has 600 miles on it. The tire store, Discount Tire, says...
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    GT Pricing Where will it go?

    I am interested how others feel about the future pricing trend for the GT now that it is out of production. Logically it would make sense that as the remaining NEW GT's get sold there should be some upward movement in the closing prices that the Dealers will accept on the remaining new cars...
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    New 06 Black GT Late build

    A friend of mine who is a Ford Dealer in NH just sent this to me. If you have any interest just PM me and I will put you in touch with him. Fred I JUST RECEIVED A NEW 2006 GT FROM FORD , ONE OF THE LAST TO BE BUILT. BLACK , WHEELS, STEREO , RED CALIPERS , NO TOP STRIPE , SILVER SIDE...
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    Axel half shaft issue

    While poking around the engine compartment on my new 06 GT I noticed that the axel bolts have torque seals on them. I asssume this is so we can keep an eye on the nuts to be sure they are not loosing up. Has anyone else noticed these seals on their 06 car or have they always been there? My car...
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    Central Florida Service

    MY new GT is being delivered next week and I would like to know if anyone in the Central Florida area, Orlando to Daytona Beach, has any recommendations for a Ford service facility that has experiance with the car. Thanks in advance!