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    GT Weight?

    My 06 stock, all options GT weighed 3424 dry ( no fuel ). Used a digitial truck scale.
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    Vehicle Weight

    My 06 stock, all options GT weighed 3424 dry ( no fuel ). Used a digitial truck scale.
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    Brake Rotor Rust?

    It appears to happen after I wash the car and pull it right in the hanger. Once I drive and the rotors are "cleaned" it does not happen again until I wash the car againl Next time I will take the car around the corner after washing and dry off those rotors. Thanks for the responses.
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    Brake Rotor Rust?

    Thanks, I will try that.
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    Brake Rotor Rust?

    Thanks for the comments. As I said the car is kept in an Air Conditioned building where the humidty is controlled. This has not happend to the other 3 cars that are in there with the GT. I wonder what it is about the Rotors on the GT that make them do this? Its good to know that other owners...
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    Brake Rotor Rust?

    I have an 06 model and recently I noticed that the brake rotors develop a rust like look on the surface of all 4 rotors even though the car is kept in a climate controlled building. If I take the car out and apply the brakes at speed, maybe 70 or 80 the surface becomes shiny clean. Let the car...
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    lambo murci or ford gt

    I have both the LP640 Roadster and a Ford GT. I also have a Countach, Diablo SV, Sl600. All these answers are very personal and subjective. What is important is how you the buyer feels. Drive the LP640 if you already own a GT and then you be the judge. I am fortunate enought to have both...
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    Engine Oil Pump Leak?

    Has anyone had a engine oil pump show signs of a leak? Ford tells me that there have been many orders submitted for engine oil pump replacement and they have to be special ordered? Did a search and could not find anything related to the oil pump.
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    Battery Woes... Check out "Battery Tender Plus" Made by Deltron Corp in Florida. The best 12 volt "float charger" by far. I use 10 of them and have never had a problem. Look for the 12 Volt model.
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    2006 Ford GT Midnight Blue For Sale

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    Customer Satisfaction Program 07B49

    MY Dealer called me today and read the email from Ford to me. From what I remember it said that the parts would be available December and furthur information of obtaining the parts and performing the repair would be coming from Ford to the Dealership. Also it mentioned that owners of the cars...
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    Halfshaft Bolts

    Unfortunetly there is no pre-emptive fix. There have been GT"s who have replaced the bolts and had them FAIL a second time. Will it help? Who knows. Until Ford Officialy tells us what the repair/fix/answer is to this design fault we sit here and place all our hope on relplacing bolts with...
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    Halfshaft Bolts

    FORD......How much longer are you going to remain silent on this issue??
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    Halfshaft Bolts

    DBK says an answer is coming from Ford anytime from now up until the Rally. DBK says that Ford has the solution. I take DBK at his word that this will happen. I just wish it would be sooner than later and hope that it is a REAL fix for this problem.
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    serial number

    Thanks for the previous response. Havae one more for you. 2006 #1158
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    serial number

    Quickdraw: I have 06 #1741 Anything on this car?
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    Halfshaft Bolts

    It's not done yet. I am waiting until the "fat lady" sings!
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    Halfshaft Bolts

    I hope the "news" from Ford comes sooner rather than later and that they have a real "solution" for this problem.
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    Halfshaft Bolts

    Sorry to hear about this. I hope Ford really has a solution forthcoming. We shall see. Could you please provide your Vin# and year of car as some of us are keeping a record of these failures. I think your failure coming after you had already replaced the original parts do to failure, is only...
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    Halfshaft Bolt Answers (all threads merged)

    FORD needs to isssue a TSB/Service Bulletin on this issue in my opinion. The " fix" should come officialy from them. My Attorney and I a drafting a letter to FORD that will put them on notice about the potential "issues" that could come from a failure. I am not waiting any longer for Ford to do...