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    Build your own Ford GT40 in 1/8 scale Pretty cool. Hope this link works for you guys.
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    Great review on the 2005/2006 GT
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    VIN Tags on Body Panels

    Looking at a GT350R. No VIN tag stickers were on the body panels like my 1995 Cobra R. Did Ford stop putting VIN stickers on the panels to identify original panels?
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    2006 GT at Mecum in Los Angeles

    FYI. White, blue stripe, 9,700 miles, sold for $327,250. Includes buyer premium (10%).
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    Mecum Chicago 2015

    Blue GT with 1,100 miles $275k bid goes on. Red GT with 7k miles $230+8%.
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    Mecum Kansas City

    White/Blue Stripe 5,631 miles. $290k + 8%. Strong!
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    Mecum Anaheim CA

    2005 white/blue stripe, all four options, 7 mile sold for $340k + 8%. 2005 red stripe delete 10k miles sold for $250k + 8%.
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    2005 Ford GT at Auction Americas Auburn

    Interesting today at Auction Americas Auburn...2005 Ford GT with 1,800 miles; white/blue stripes; all options; number 29 of 50 "VIP" cars sold for $300k + 10% buyer fee; $330k! Auction didn't say who the original owner was, but will these first 50 "VIP" cars command more in the future...
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    Ford GT at Mecum Auction

    38 mile 2005 white/blue stripe sold, $280k + 8% fee (or 5% without reserve). Strong money!
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    GT at Mecum Kissimmee

    2006 yellow, 4 options; 2,558 miles; $242,500+ 8% buyer premium.
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    WTB OEM Gray Brake Calipers

    Looking for complete set of OE Gray Brake Calipers. Thanks!
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    Mecum Auction

    2005 red, 4 options, 1,850 miles..........$255,000 not including fees!
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    Detailing the GT

    Hey guys, first off, a big, big many thanks to Shelby for recently bringing me in to the Ford GT world. The transaction with Shelby was super smooth and I highly recommend anybody interested in finding or buying a GT to give him a shout. He also handled my rear bumper delete, x-pipe, and clear...