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    Steve Saleen. The unluckiest guy the automotive industry?
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    Original GT40 Sketches and clay

    Released on their twitter feed
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    I know, not another Barn Find.....but this may knock your socks off

    I am getting a bit tired of seeing filthy cars being touted as hero machines (some legitimately are) But keep your eyes peeled as the camera crew walks thru this one. This may be the motherload of all Barn Finds.
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    Cool interactive map

    Yesterday, I as made aware of this cool weather app. It works on a PC as well. This link shows the source location of air pollution. You can format it to your own preferences.,40.914,146.602,3
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    Camaro done......again? I was shocked to read this.
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    If you use deionized water to wash your cars.

    I have been buying refill resin filter media directly from CR Spotless for my deionizer. It works well, but they raised their price 35% recently. Years ago member @bonehead recommended a different source that by luck happened to be nearer to me. They too have quality resin for our deionizers. I...
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    GM taking over Ford article

    I was surprised this hadn't already been mentioned; Author is definitely not a Ford guy, but sounds like there is some serious speculation. Yes, I read American Icon and in particular about when...
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    Italian Job Miura found and restored
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    Printed Titanium and CF wheel

    Collaboration between GE & HRE.
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    Heavily Tuned NFGT engine?

    Saw this today, Ken Block's latest Hoonigan project;
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    Possibly the release of the new GT500?' There are rumors in the Shelby circles that maybe a historical find will be unveiled as well. Speculation ranges from Edsel II's killer custom '65 K-code fastback to Jim Morrison's '67 GT500. Both long...
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    Can you make money building Supercars?

    Apparently, yes. Some are better at it than others;
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    Volkswagen crushes Pike's Peak record

    Shaved a minute off the previous record held by an ICE Peugeot. 😳 .
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    Does anyone know what Dash assembly 6304644 includes?

    I was using to see which dash assembly parts are available. Under the description "Dash assembly 6304644" The following schematic is shown; :confused Does anyone know which parts are included in the assembly?
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    Keeping your collection in public parking?

    Pretty nice collection of high end cars;
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    The "REAL" Bullitt Mustang emerges

    From it's long term slumber;
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    New Fisker, the EMotion

    400 mile range Too bad he can't focus on 2-door models. The rear doors look ridiculous.
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    Clean-sheet Mustang postponed?

    Doesn't look like a clickbait piece; Sobering if accurate
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    New ZR1

    Well, it is out; I like looking at the Z06 a whole lot better. Not a fan of the Viper style wing. Why do this if they are replacing the C7 with a C8 Ferrari 360 knock-off?
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    My condolences to Kayvan

    On the passing of your favorite uncle and role model;