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  1. PL510*Jeff

    Delivery day 2019 GT's. Great Day!

    2 GT's delivered today. Umber metalic and Copper metalic. Both paint to order cars. Copper is my friend John's and Umber carbon series will be in my garage. More pictures to follow but I'm too tired right now to sort through them.
  2. PL510*Jeff

    New GT Specs are here

    Six Hundred Forty Seven Horsepower from Ford Performance: SAE-rated at 647 horsepower and with 550 lb.-ft. of torque, Ford’s new high-output 3.5-liter V6 powerplant produces the most horsepower of any EcoBoost production engine ever, making Ford GT the fastest production car ever to wear the...
  3. PL510*Jeff

    Happy Birthday Piccola

    Mary Jo - Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day. Cheers to you, young Lady.:beer2::beer2::beer2:
  4. PL510*Jeff

    FGT IMSA Vvideo

    Nice video 2016 Ford GT Racing schedule for Ganassi/Multimatic - Go Blu!
  5. PL510*Jeff

    August 11, 2004 Deliver of First GT

    On 8/11/2004 The first GT was delivered to Jon Shirley at Bowen Scarff Ford in Kent, Washington. Which is where I purchased my GT in 3/2006. These pictures may not have been shown publicly before now and came from the personal collection of Brian Camp at the dealership. With all of the...
  6. PL510*Jeff

    Last one home from R 10 ?

    I may be the last one home from Rally 10. Got home late yesterday day of driving was wet and wild. Had the rear tires hydroplane on I-90 in heavy downpour near Ritzville in hot and dry eastern Washington. A first for me in the GT. Happened at 75 mph in truck rut with about and inch...
  7. PL510*Jeff

    A few GT friends offer a Salute to Bony

    Sure miss Daniel….
  8. PL510*Jeff

    Ford GT -

    Rocketman posted this video on Facebook the other day. Great production covering the "why, where and who" in designing, building and testing "our" GT's. Many familiar faces and interesting tidbits on getting this project done in 18 months. Enjoy. Truly an insiders access to the development...
  9. PL510*Jeff

    Ford GT Racing in 2016- FIA says YES!

    During this morning's World Endurance Championship press conference, FIA Endurance Commission President Sir Lindsay Owen Jones said "Ford has already announced their return to Le Mans, but not the WEC officially, but I think Gerard [Neveu] will be able to convince them to come back." Oh, really...
  10. PL510*Jeff

    just wondering

    Just wondering - will we see "The One - Round 2" during the Superbowl '15?
  11. PL510*Jeff

    Ferrari being sold.."for being too American"

    MILAN — Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said Wednesday it will spin off sports car maker Ferrari into a separate company. The company said in a statement that spinning off Ferrari was part of a plan to raise capital to support the new merged carmakers' future growth. Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio...
  12. PL510*Jeff

    Unique Appearance in my GT

    This appeared in last night on the way home from the Fall Finale vintage race.
  13. PL510*Jeff

    Piccola has a birthday

    Piccola, M.J., Mary Jo Happy Birthday young Lady. Enjoy your special Day. See you in Los Vegas.
  14. PL510*Jeff

    GT Racing Rumor for 2016

    Home / Le Mans / 24H Le Mans / Ford Exploring Factory GTE Program, Prototype Options Ford Exploring Factory GTE Program, Prototype Options By John Dagys Updated: July 14, 2014 Photo: Laurent Chauveau/Endurance-Info On the heels of a ramped up prototype program in the TUDOR United...
  15. PL510*Jeff


    Pacific NW HIstoric Races 7-4/5/6-2014 I'll be at Pacific Raceways for the vintage races this weekend. This you tube link is one of our TV adverstisements for this event. The cars shown are a partial montage of my friend...
  16. PL510*Jeff

    Steve McQueen Documentary The link is for a trailer. To be broadcast on Spike TV June 24th.
  17. PL510*Jeff

    Le Mans Technology

    I'm not positively sure that I understand how this works, or for that matter what it does. But I'd guess that it probably costs more than a low miles, no story GT:eek
  18. PL510*Jeff

    Something new from Ford Racing

  19. PL510*Jeff

    Rally 8 - Home Again

    Last one home from the Rally. Yesterday. Rally 8 total mileage was 4,366.2. And considering Sonoma is "only" 1,600 miles round trip, I didn't exactly take the most direct route. Pretty much like Allan and I did on the Road Rally at Rally 8. (We both still think there should have been a...
  20. PL510*Jeff

    Hennessy Ferrari 458 TT

    duplicate post -my bad