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  1. FENZO

    GT Rendering Tool

    Didn't get the heritage so it's time to get serious about a color scheme. Is photoshop the preferred tool to evaluate colors as accurately as possible before generating an actual sample? Can you enter a paint code, or ???? Can it add stripes, roundels, etc.? Thanks! :thumbsup
  2. FENZO

    2017 ebay headlamp

    Huh?! Didn't expect to see this.
  3. FENZO

    Another Garage Queen

    10 miles. Sheesh. Sorry if repost.
  4. FENZO

    BEWARE - Kamikaze products

    I am embarrassed to my core to admit this, usually I would chuckle at the thought of buying something with “AMAZING” on the label, but if I can save someone here the same hassle I’ll gladly take the ribbing. Pure snake oil. Before the rally I committed the time to do some light paint...
  5. FENZO

    Fuel Cap and Surround Material/Finish

    What is the fuel cap and surround made of and what is the finish? Anodized aluminum.. magnesium? Thanks. :thumbsup
  6. FENZO

    Rally 12 Photos

    That was a pretty good day. :thumbsup
  7. FENZO

    2018 Heritage Edition... so good. DEARBORN – The 2018 Ford GT will be available in a new limited-edition Heritage theme honoring the GT40 Mark IV race car driven to victory by the all-American team of Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt at Le...
  8. FENZO

    Utah - need a recommendation for a tire shop

    Where do you get your tires changed? I'm driving from Denver to the rally and although my rears are ok now I doubt they will have anything left after a day on the track. We'll also be stopping somewhere in the mountains on the way home and the weather through there is sketchy. I'm thinking of...
  9. FENZO

    In Honor of Le Mans...

    Putting out the vibe with FENZO in the parking lot of my office... (iphone, sorry) Let's go FORD!!! :thumbsup
  10. FENZO

    1968 Watkins Glen Poster

    A colleague at work recently became aware of my GT. His father acquired a race shop of some sort that had a whole bunch of never circulated race posters (he's not went through all of them yet). He owed me one for a work related thing, I asked for a beer, he gave me this cause it is GT related...
  11. FENZO

    Victory Lap

    I know it is not a big deal for the folks in easy climates, but we got to take the car out today. Inspired by the win at Daytona and MJSFRX. 60 deg weather, sunny. Good day. Yes, that white shi... stuff is snow.:thumbsup
  12. FENZO

    NFGT Top Exhaust Exit

    One of the myriad of vids shows a model in the bunker with what appears to be a top exhaust exit on the NGT, ala P918 (since there is no visible exhaust elsewhere). Is there a story there? I like the rear exhaust better, but that is an interesting look. Source vid...
  13. FENZO

    2017 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Schedule

    Looks like they swapped COTA (to May) with Laguna Seca (to Sept). Let the Rally 12 lobbying begin. :biggrin 2017 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship...
  14. FENZO

    Ford GT involved police pursuit.. in the snow! Friend of mine asked me to come down to the Denver C&C tomorrow at the Vehicle Vault, which is apparently some kind of automotive gallery. Was checking out their fbook page to get the skinny... didn't get past this. :rofl
  15. FENZO

    Track Day at High Plains Raceway

    Was invited to an afternoon track session at the subject track by Jim (another forum member). Was a blast getting passed!:biggrin Would make for a great track location for a Rally... just an hour east of Denver.. hint hint. Great track, lots of elevation changes and no close walls. Wide in...
  16. FENZO

    WTH? Japanese GT40 bottle cap?

    Ran across this on ebay. Searched a bit, only was able to find that there were apparently 51 supercar Coca-Cola bottle caps in 1977. How in the world did Coke get permission from all the different manufacturers? :confused Did they do this here? Makes me want a set of bottle caps with a NGT...
  17. FENZO

    Drifting GT40s

    Saw this on jalop. Whoa!!! Talented drivers. At 1:56 :biggrin makes an appearance.
  18. FENZO

    Outnumbered by Fcars

    Friend of a friend has a Ferrari shop including a great place to hang out. 308/328/348/355/360/430/512/testaraossa plus others.
  19. FENZO

    Denver Auto Show

    Is this legit? If so, which one?
  20. FENZO


    Another CF, flying buttress, TTV6 to lust after. :eek