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  1. PL510*Jeff


    Gas must be pretty stale by now. 14 years being parked is not what Ford expected.
  2. PL510*Jeff

    Photos of the day we bought our Ford GT's.

    So nice, drive it often in good health.
  3. PL510*Jeff

    10,000mile or more club

    all mileage in GT's.
  4. PL510*Jeff

    UPDATE Post 26 - Chance Motorsports Encounter Makes a New Friend

    You are a wonderful human being. Once again glad to call you a friend. Abby Beck, I hope your treatments are successful, so you can enjoy life with Peggy and Chip.
  5. PL510*Jeff

    Looking for Iconic GT.

    and obviously the coal was left over from Christmas
  6. PL510*Jeff

    Looking for Iconic GT.

    Coal doesn't have anything but black.
  7. PL510*Jeff

    Easy to Replace the Front Splitter?

    an FYI - I complained about the frown in a replacement front splitter years ago. Ford Parts sent another one. Frown was even more pronounced. By chance I asked either Jamal or Rich, don't remember which one, and was told the frown is there on purpose. Allows the "right" amount of air to enter...
  8. PL510*Jeff

    10,000mile or more club

    Put another 125 miles on thr GT this weekend. On the track. Did pace car s/c duty at SCCA National and Sovren vintage race at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Wa. Conditions weren't the best for the first race in 2020 in the State.
  9. PL510*Jeff

    10,000mile or more club

    The reality is not based on how far your have driven your GT, It's about how much enjoyment you get from driving it. And the awe wow emotions of so many people who can say - I saw a FGT today!
  10. PL510*Jeff

    10,000mile or more club

    I believe he's #3 to get into the 100,000 "club". Well driven Bill.
  11. PL510*Jeff

    10,000mile or more club

    lots! so many nice people along the way. Our Forum members are the best!
  12. PL510*Jeff

    10,000mile or more club

    slowed down quite a bit, GT had extended stay at Rich's! Started to plan on some road trips but in lock down in Palm Springs for a while longer.
  13. PL510*Jeff

    10,000mile or more club

    it's ok with me Barry.
  14. PL510*Jeff

    10,000mile or more club

    catch me if you can. closing (slowly now) on the 150,000 plateau.
  15. PL510*Jeff

    Check out my new hobby - Rock´n´Roll invite

    Anders your Rock and Roll adventure is just paused. Like the rest of us. So be careful, cover up and wash your hands etc.
  16. PL510*Jeff

    I tested POSITIVE for the Covid-19 Virus.. recovering.. 71st birthday today.

    (y)So good to hear you got successfully treated. Mend quickly, or at least in time for the Rally! God blessed you.
  17. PL510*Jeff

    Merkury Tip

  18. PL510*Jeff

    Rattle/clunk when turning right

    end liks on sway bar
  19. PL510*Jeff

    updating standard radio to newer unit with aux in and bluetooth

    The "whiz kids" in product development don't understand that being "state of the art" millennia current maybe wonderful for the under 30 crowd, but the over 30 crowd buys more vehicles. Point in fact : new GT, and most other Ford products, has all the interconnectivity based upon "Smart" and...