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  1. MK2_GT

    My Christmas present from Shelby!

    Shelby is working on this gal and we are putting Kip's CF interiors and some Heffner goodness before it ships out (and some of the cool stuff from exoticCARe) . Also a preview on some GTX1 wheels (which I never thought I would own again...long story) This is a before Kip's CF pic (I hope...
  2. MK2_GT

    Are there any pics of a red /white GT with numbers?

    I recently ordered a Red/White GT from Shelby and am getting these mods done (and about 3 others but undecided on those for the moment) Butterfly doors (need it to park where I park etc). Bumper delete (with exhaust tips) Exotic care shaft and knobs (shift bezel, brake boot included) Carbon...
  3. MK2_GT

    Well I am back

    Hey I missed you guys so much I am buying a GT soon ( my third but sold the first two) I'm feeling Red with stripes or blue with stripes this time.:thumbsup
  4. MK2_GT

    New Roof on my Ford GT (X1)

    Ok , she looks more like one of the gals that gets posted on this side of the forum (I'll post some GTX1 only section shots later in the week but wanted to share this with you guys today). I was one of the few GTX1 owners that got some kind of roof from Gennadi. The roof provided never sealed...
  5. MK2_GT

    Candy red Shelby 2010 question

    I read somewhere that the Candy red was only going to be available with Shelby GT500 2010 vehicles. I am now seeing that color offered in regular GTs...does anyone have any info on this? Does anyone know of any exclusive Shelby Colors? and last but not least does anyone have a clear picture...
  6. MK2_GT

    2010 Gt500 Kr?

    I know sales have slowed down (what sales haven't?) but are they planning a 2010 model KR? any info appreciated as I have to make a decision in the next few weeks.
  7. MK2_GT

    Ford GT factory battery tender

    I tried a search on the froums and also on the web but had no luck. I have always used a Deltran battery tender with cigarette lighter adpater to tend my GTX1. My question is: What does the factory Ford GT battery tender look like that ships with the Ford GTs? I ran into a cigarette lighter...
  8. MK2_GT

    GTX-1 Storable roof for sale.

    It's not so much I want to recoup any money I spent on the GTX-1 roof from Guy in California as much as I would like to see it being used by someone. I received it and it has all the templates to drill the holes. It looks pretty good from what I can see. It took months for me to get it and by...
  9. MK2_GT

    I might be selling the Tungsten B-door car

    I need to make room in my collection for cars coming in the next few months It has about 8000 miles on it and has $37,000.00 in customizations: Lowered seats Sparco seat grommets w/double stitch Satellite Stereo 5.1 w/touch screen NAV Backup camera Short Shifter Hidden Bumper B-Doors...
  10. MK2_GT

    This is it, the funniest video I have ever seen on the internet

  11. MK2_GT

    08 Orange SRT 10 Convertible

    I have been waiting for an 08 orange (convertible) SRT 10 to become available. the last info I had (obviously outdated) was that they woul be available in the first quarter of 08. I can not find one that has ever been for sale and little info here , Viper Alley or in the VCA forums on the...
  12. MK2_GT

    The Kanzius Machine: A Cancer Cure?

    Simply amazing.
  13. MK2_GT

    Anyone like 1979 Bandit Trans Ams?

    I know these are crap pics but the most impressive thing to me is the documentation. It has the original build sheet and all original manuals etc........this is the most documented original;, like new, factory car I have ever seen (or added to my collection) ! The Bird on the hood is perfect...
  14. MK2_GT

    An opportunity to buy another Ford GT

    2482 miles, Red, only 30 blocks away from my house ........they actually want 199K.....waaaaay over in my opinion. What is a good counter offer?
  15. MK2_GT

    Weather Channel Founder: To Sue Al Gore for Fraud,2933,337710,00.html
  16. MK2_GT


    New Mods!! See My Pics!! GT500! Razor 20" Shelby wheels Eichbach coil overs Borla exhaust Engine Dress up kit Cobra mats
  17. MK2_GT

    Air bag light on/off switch question

    Pardon my lack of knowledge in advance. When I turn my passenger air bag off on my Tungsten the light does not come on. My questions are: 1. Is the light separate from the switch? Can I have a bad bulb? 2. Is the entire light and switch connected somehow where this is signaling me the air...
  18. MK2_GT

    LOST (Tv series ) and possible explanation

    Ok lost viewers! It's a parallel universe story. The island is a nexus of parallel universes and it exist based on the individual's observed reality (a real life science fact based on book called The quantum of the top three books I have ever read and it will shed light...
  19. MK2_GT

    New GTX1 #005 pics

    Just wanted to liven up this section of the forum with some new pics.