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  1. Shark01

    Stradman buys a 2005 GT in Hawaii

    Good to know, seems like you tubers are more like actors playing a character these days.
  2. Shark01

    Stradman buys a 2005 GT in Hawaii

    This car has already been re-sold....thank God for that, it deserves a good caretaker this time.
  3. Shark01

    Advice needed: How to confirm that a GT is the right car?

    It will scrape occasionally, as it did this weekend even doing the right thing to maximize the approach angle. I agree it is no worse than my Diablo, but that has a lift when I can remember to use it.
  4. Shark01

    Advice needed: How to confirm that a GT is the right car?

    But for all the glowing reviews, these aren’t perfect, the views out of the car are a challenge, the gauge situation sucks, there is lots of scraping due to the low ground clearance, it takes forever to put in gas (I need to get that looked at), and parts will become hard to come by (the true...
  5. Shark01

    Advice needed: How to confirm that a GT is the right car?

    You won't know if it is the right car for you until you drive it. You will find it is a different kind of car than your Porsche. The best descriptor I've found is the Harry's Garage review on youtube. I first drove a GT in 2012, honestly it just didn't fit the need I had at the time so I...
  6. Shark01

    Serious Damaged GT on IAAI asking 165K

    At 8” wider than stock, it literally wouldn’t fit in my garage, or on a few of the Texas farm roads. Amazing project, big $$$$
  7. Shark01

    ABS Light

    Yep, then re-set it and see if it comes back....but drive careful in the meantime, the last thing these cars need is one less safety feature....LOL
  8. Shark01

    Serious Damaged GT on IAAI asking 165K

    At the end of last year, several salvage title fixed cars sold in the $175-180k most of these cars had 10k or less miles, this one is at 20k miles. Now the market has increased, so this may now have a value of $185k fixed or so.
  9. Shark01

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Scott, when I bought my GT recently, it had a Moton system installed. Moton is very well known in the Porsche world, is your system similar to theirs?
  10. Shark01

    Normal driving gear/RPM?

    I'm generally in 3rd and 4th gear when on the freeways around Houston......I can't say I've found a comfortable cruising gear/RPM because of the exhaust resonance.
  11. Shark01

    Finally own a Ford GT...

    It absolutely did.....I started looking in September at everything with an ask of $250k or less. And there were between 4-6 cars at all times....and then a week or two in advance of the movie they all disappeared...the last one of that group, a local Houston car that had been for sale for 8-9...
  12. Shark01

    Hagery Magazine article

    While maybe a little squirrely on some details (another one, the 0-60 time is WAY lower than "less than 4 seconds"....which implies something more like 3.9 rather than what it really is), the guy did hit on a number of points I agree with (pure driving experience without driver aids, had no...
  13. Shark01

    Just Picked up a 2020 Pista

    Big props on pearl of the reasons I've never bought a Ferrari is that 99% are the same boring orangy rosso corsa color. The shade of red used on the FGTs is a much prettier variant. Look forward to a driving review....
  14. Shark01

    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    Kendall, will this be a regular stocked part for you in the future?
  15. Shark01

    10,000mile or more club

    Previous owners put on 28k+ miles.....I have added about 100.....can I still join? Can we have our meetings in strip clubs?
  16. Shark01

    In the Market for a Ford GT Again

    Have added another 60+ miles this week, alot of fun to drive while still trying to keep the go pedal under control as I learn the car. Did find out, just like with the Diablo, to avoid overpass U-Turns because of the blind spot.
  17. Shark01

    WTB: Carbon Fiber Side Scoop

    But then again new owners are coming on the scene all the time. I owned my car all of about 10 days before committing to $8,000+ worth of interior CF pieces.
  18. Shark01

    WTB: Carbon Fiber Side Scoop

    Same with Tecnocraft, if they have tooling/design.
  19. Shark01

    WTB: Carbon Fiber Side Scoop

    Sounds like a new distributor is needed. Last year, I had a series of discussions with this company about doing custom pieces for my Diablo. They said they would do anything in CF I wanted. I'll reach out to them....
  20. Shark01

    Bridgestone replacement source

    Yep I had to take 2017 fronts 2 weeks ago....