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    Facebook request

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    more than you can afford, pal... ford!

    That's just funny LOL! I usually just say "less than a ferrari...."
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    gtx-1 prices vs gt

    GTX1s (I owned #5) vary wildy in configurations. There is no set price for a GTX1, it really depends on how it was cusotmized. As a general rule of thumb the roadster roof work was worth about $39,000.00 but GTX1s with just the roof work done are few and far between. Try to get a list of what...
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    FORD GT in the movies

    I saw it and I enjoyed the movie, in fact I really liked the movie a lot.
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    Internet info on you

    Unfortunately this is the 1 in a million time that snopes is wrong . Just check it out for yourself ........
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    Who could sell a GT??

    I have sold two of them but just recently bought my third. reasons were not finanacial , I just did not bond with the GTX1 as much as I thought I would and the other one was not quite the color I wanted. I did come back to the fold though. It is such an amazing car.
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    My Christmas present from Shelby!

    I love the look of the doors but I really got functional use out of it from my old Ford GT . I did not need 3-4 feet of clearance to park a car anymore , I just needed approximately half a foot. It made parking the car around town a breeze.
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    Faux FGT in new Fast and Furious trailer

    I am also guilty of finding the movies entertaining :biggrin
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    Is this old news? Heritage owners open at your discretion...

    well here is how he ended up (he was facing up to 30 years in prison): Man Who Drove SUV Into Dealership Kills Self On Plane POSTED: 11:38 am EST February 9, 2006 UPDATED: 6:05 pm EST February 9, 2006 MIAMI -- The man who drove his new SUV into a Miami-Dade Ford dealership and set it on...
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    The GT in 2015

    Agree 100% with DBK
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    My Christmas present from Shelby!

    Thanks Ray! I am also getting some stuff from ExoticCare, added that to the original post.
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    My Christmas present from Shelby!

    Shelby is working on this gal and we are putting Kip's CF interiors and some Heffner goodness before it ships out (and some of the cool stuff from exoticCARe) . Also a preview on some GTX1 wheels (which I never thought I would own again...long story) This is a before Kip's CF pic (I hope...
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    One of the proudest moments of my life!

    When he becomes a famous race car driver , I will get to say I saw him "when"...congrats!
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    93 cobra

    wow, beautiful
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    A Saturday Morning with an amazing car...

    Great write up , man that's a lot of HP :thumbsup
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    need some feed back on vipers

    SRT 10 Vipers are great , striking in apperance and I personally love the unrefined muscle aspect of the car. A Ford GT is refined smooth power in a good way and the Viper is not smooth unrefined a good way.
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    Ford GT collectibles display case

    Very nice collection!!
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    Red Ford GT sold at Leake Auction Dallas, Tx

    Tmc, what color was the saleen ? Very interesting .....
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    LOL! classic